by Fred McMillin
for January 21, 1997

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A Barefoot Bargain

"Get barefoot and have a great time." That's the motto of Bonded Winery #5626 in the Napa valley. It's called Barefoot Cellars and is noted for big bargains. Founded in 1986, the winery produced its first Sauvignon Blanc that year, with much success in the low price range. Today it's still under $5, but is the wine any good? To find out I slipped a bottle of the latest release into my last blind tasting; all the competition was more expensive. The wine is light, refreshing but with plenty of flavor. My tasters liked it better with their charcoal-grilled scallops than any of the more pricy whites. We decided they should change their motto to "Get barefoot and you'll get a great buy."

Non-vintage "Barefoot Blanc" (Sauvignon Blanc), Apln.-California Barefoot Cellars St. Helena, Napa valley, CA $4.90

Recommended in its price range.


Yes, you are right. The winery's more elegant name is "Chateau La Foot."

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