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Wines & Bites  
by Fred McMillin
Twice a week we go out on the town and try a number of wine-food combinations.
Here are some recent gems:

  • Vendange '95 Chardonnay by Sebastiani (pleasing light white with touch of oak) with a Margarita Sandwich (grilled breast of chicken marinated in tequila and lime juice with guacamole and cheddar cheese) at the Neiman-Marcus quick-lunch restaurant.

  • Hagafen '94 Pinot Noir (Kosher) with chocolate-chicken 40-spice mole (moh-lay), a historical Mexican dish featured at San Francisco's Cafe Marimba in the Marina District.

  • Honig '95 Reserve Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc (crisp, sturdy, $6.50 a glass) with tiny Olympia oysters at the Zuni Cafe.

  • Robert Mondavi '95 Coastal Sauvignon Blanc (gentle herbs) with one of the best warm-bread appetizers in town called Roti Prata at the Straits Cafe.

  • Hess '94 Napa Valley Pinot Noir ($6) for those who enjoy red wine with sweet desserts like the Whiskey & Dried Cherry Bread Pudding at the Saks Fifth Avenue Cafe on Union Square.

  • Jarvis '94 Napa Valley Cabernet Franc with the ancient Persian dish, Sabzi Polo Mahi Dudi (the fresh herbs and intense smoked white fish demand a striking red like this marvelous $45 Jarvis). The Maykahdeh Persian Cuisine Restaurant on Green St. features a number of these authentic dishes, although this particular one was served in our home to consul wives.
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