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About the creators of
A Perfect Glass of Wine
Brian St. Pierre is the author of six books, mostly on wine and food. He's also a regular contributor to Decanter magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as Gourmet. For thirteen years he was on the staff of the Wine institute, and during that time published articles in every wine magazine in America and edited a wine cookbook. He now resides in London.

Deborah Jones is an IACP award-winning food photographer. Her other Chronicle books include The Vegetarian Table: Italy, The Vegetarian Table: Mexico, and The Vegetarian Table: North Africa. She lives and works in San Francisco.

A Perfect Glass of Wine:
Choosing, Serving, and Enjoying

An International Guide
by Brian St. Pierre
Photographs by Deborah Jones
Price: $24.95, hardcover
ISBN: 0-81 18-1295-2

Reprinted by permission.

A Perfect Glass of Wine
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