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"Top Underdogs, Part II"

  by Fred McMillin



As we said in last month's Annex, America loves an underdog. The response was so strong, we've continued our search for top underdogs, and here they are.

The Tasting

Grenache-Shiraz Blend by Rosemount Inexpensive wines were paired with expensive partners, such as a $9 Zinfandel versus a $20 Zin. Below are the underdogs that came the closest to whipping the pricier bottles.

The Scoring

If the expensive bottle scored 100 points and the inexpensive bottle 70 points, then the underdog was only 30% below an upset.

How Close To An Upset:

% From
The Top
The Wine
44.8%   Sauvignon Blanc by Stone Creek, Cal., '97, $7
39.0%   Palomino by Rosenblum, Contra Costa County, '97, $8
35.8%   Syrah by Delicato, Cal., '97, $6
35.5%   Zinfandel by Delicato, Cal., '96, $6
29.7%   Grenache-Shiraz Blend by Rosemount, Australia, '97, $8 (pictured)
28.4%   Petite Sirah by L.A. Cetto (C. Mitchell), Mexico, '96, $9
27.1%   Riesling by Mirassou, Monterey, '97, $8
02.5%   Zinfandel (Old Vine) by Bogle, '94, $9
02.4%   Gewurztraminer by Bargetto, Monterey County, '97, $9

The Winner

One bargain wine actually outscord its pricier partner. Here's our big bargain of the day.
% Above
The Top
The Wine
23.1%   Zinfandel by Seghesio, Sonoma County, '94, $9


Seghesio is not exactly a new kid on the block. Eduardo Seghesio left Piedmont, Italy for California's vineyards in 1886. His descendants now own nearly 250 acres of Sonoma vineyards, including 100 acres of the Zinfandel that made today's winner.


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