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"Five Fabulous Values"

  by Fred McMillin


Traditional by RosemountWhen we unwrap the winning bottle in each 20-wine tasting, almost always it turns out to be one of the most expensive. The avenge price of our last 26 winners was $33.46, EXCEPT for five fabulous values. Here they are, along with the number of more expensive wines they defeated.

Number Defeated Price The Wine
10 $11 Zinfandel by Arciero, Paso Robles, '95
11 $18 "Traditional" red blend by Rosemount, Australia, '95 (pictured)
14 $10 Zinfandel by Montevina, Amador County, '95
15 $8.50 Sauvignon Blanc by Chateau Souverain, Alexander Valley, '96
15 $10 Cabernet Sauvignon by Napa Ridge, Central Coast, '96

Comments: 1) In the $10 to $15 range, Zinfandels are the most frequent best-value winners.

Two of our fabulous five are Zins. 2) The composition of the Aussie "Traditional" was 10% Petit Verdot, 20 Merlot and 70 Cab.

3) Tasters' trap? Finally, does the order in which wines are tasted affect the rating? We had ten wines contending for the above five spots and half of them were the fifteenth wine tasted! Stay tuned.


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