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Best Tasting Wines of 1998
Our annual review of fabulous wines.

Best Buys of 1998
Value and taste, the tasters tell all!

Winningest Wineries of 1998
Review of wineries that produces the best wines.

Best Wines of 1998,
A Status Report
The experts judge the first six months of 1998.

Christmas '98 Gift Recommendations:
Fabulous to affordable, wine gifts.

For Your Thanksgiving '98 Fling :
Find the wines for your holiday table.

Best Buys from 1997
Your guide to great wines.

Red Wines
$15 range—affordable & pleasing.

Wine Finds
Unique wine shops.
Raymond Fong, "Philosopher of Wine."

A Perfect Glass of Wine:
Choosing, Serving, and Enjoying: An International Guide
by Brian St. Pierre

Book Reviews

" Harvest of Joy, My Passion For Excellence"
by Robert Mondavi with Paul Chutkow.
Review by Fred McMillin.

Anthony Dias Blue's
"American Kitchen."

Jack Mingo's
"Wannabe Guide to Wine."

Wine 101

For Beginners Only :
Beginners get the answers.

An education on five wine "Sizzlers."

Fine Wines of Fine Wineries
Discover who creates some of the finest wines and why.

A Tasting History of California Wine
Tour California's history with wine.


Special Articles

From a Stellar Cellar
Results from a very special tasting.

The Wall Street Beat
Do Australian Chardonnays under $20 have more character
than many similarly priced American Chardonnays?

Get Your Kicks From '97 or '96?
Compare a dozen 1997s with
equally-priced 1996s...only Chardonnays and Zinfandels.


Wine Articles

Buy California or Outsiders?
Learn how to rate them.

1995 Versus 1997 Chardonnays
These results may surprise you!

1999, Best Buys & Dark Clouds
Find out what rates, so far...

1999, The Best of Each Varietal
Varietal choices by the expects!

A Perfect Companion
A book review on The Oxford Companion to Wine.

California Cabs: '94 vs '96
Learn what the experts know.

Wine from A to Z
A guide for all reasons.

Move Over, Chardonnay
Who is the newest star?

Top Underdogs, Part II
Find out how the experts rated these wines!

The Rhone Versus Bordeaux
Which variety captures prestige in California?

Sips & Quips
A book review of Michael Bonadies' new Sip By Sip.

Top Underdogs
Find out how the experts rated these wines!

A South American Shootout
Competative South American wines make the mark.

Are California Cabs Overpriced?
Are other reds a better buy?

Wine and Words, a Love Affair
Meet Jolene Teresi, Editor of Sierra Foothills Vine Times.

Buy a Cab or a Merlot?
Get the answer!

Are California Wines Overpriced?
See how California compares.

David Versus Goliath :
Napa Valley or the Sierra Foothills, the tasters tell!

A Gold Rush Tasting
Wonders from the Sierra Foothills.

Young Merlots Versus Young Cabs
Youthful wines come to prime.

The Best Affordable Red???
Find out how you can tell!

The Flood, The Vine and Noah
Discover some surprising facts from history.

Sullivan Fun
Author Charles Sullivan's book & U.C. Berkeley.

March Madness
Discover sixteen great dessert wines.

Wine Smiles
Vintage humor.

Five Fabulous Values
Value and taste, the tasters tell all!

California vs The Imports :
Discover the difference.

Gender Jive :
Find out why women are better wine tasters.

Napa vs Sonoma :
Discover "The Great Eight."

Big Wines, Little Prices :
Seven affordable selections.

Life Without The Big Four:
Discover what you may have over looked.

Portugal Will Come To Call :
Visit historical Mateus, Portugal.

When the Vine Went South :
A Delightful Dozen From South America.

Every Underdog Has His Day :
Tasters find the affordable can compare!

Our Best Merlots :
A dozen merlots make the grade.

Summer 1998
Summer 1998

Markham's Grand Slam :
Find out what's new at Markham winery.

Sonoma's On A Role :
Enjoy Sonoma County's growing success.

A Potpourri From Italy :
The tasters rate Italian wines.

From Portugal with Love :
Explore the history of Port wine.

A Clash of Titans, Cab vs Merlot :
The tasters rate the best.

Beginners Versus Veterans :
Tasters go all out for knowledge.

The Super Chardonnays :
Discover which Chardonnays the tasters praised.

Label Lingo...A Quiz :
A fun way to make the grade and test your wine skills.

A Zin-Cab Taste 0ff :
Discover what the tasters found.

Eight Pinot Blockbusters :
Eight Pinot's make the mark.

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Fred McMillin, a veteran wine writer, has taught wine history for 30 years on three continents. He currently teaches wine courses at San Francisco State and San Francisco City College and is Northern California Editor for American Wine on the Web. In 1995, the Academy of Wine Communications honored Fred with one of only 22 Certificates of Commendation awarded to American wine writers.


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