"Our Best Wine of 1998,
A Status Report

  by Fred McMillin

We're half way through 1998:

and here's the best wine my panel has tasted so far, plus the dozen runners-up.


White Runners-Up

6th  -  Roussanne by Sobon Estate, Shenandoah Vly., '97, $15
5th  -  Chardonnay by Burgess, Triere Reserve, Napa Vly., '94, $26
4th - Chardonnay by Pezzi King, Sonoma County, '96, $20
3rd - Chardonnay by J. Lohr, Monterey, '95, $14
2nd - Chardonnay by Rosemount, "Roxburgh," Australia, '95, $35
Winner - Chardonnay by Jarvis, Napa Valley, '95, $36

Red Runners-Up

6th  -  Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve by Raymond, Napa Vly., '95, $20
5th  -  Cab by Rosenblum, Hendry Reserve, Napa Valley, '95, $40
4th - Cab by Clos du Bois, Briarcrest, Alexander Vly., '94, $23
3rd - Cab by St. Clement, Howell Mntn., Napa Vly., '94, $45
2nd - Port (dessert) by Guenoc, Vintage 1994, $25 ('97 release)
Winner - Cab by Michel-Schlumberger, Dry Creek Vly., '94, $20


Best-Tasting Wine So Far This Year

The Leader

(red Bordeaux-varietal blend)
by Conn Creek, Napa Valley, '94,
Price: $37



Regarding the whites, I wasn't suprised that Chardonnay virtually shut out the competing varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

However, I had expected at least one Merlot in the red runners-up. Missing by just a hair was one of those highly-acclaimed Washington State Merlots...the '94 Preston Reserve, $19

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