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Nuevo Tex-Mex
Festive New Recipes from Just North of the Border

By David Garrido and Robb Walsh

Nuevo Tex-Mex  

Tex-Mex has always been the one style of Latin American fusion cooking that never got any respect. Until now.

Nuevo Tex-Mex throws out all the clichés. Using today's finest fresh ingredients, old-fashioned Tex-Mex classics like crispy tacos, baked enchiladas, and refried beans are transformed into stunningly modern dishes. There's grilled rib-eye in the tacos, wild mushrooms in the enchiladas, and prosciutto in the beans. It's Tex-Mex taken seriously!

No, this is not some new rendition of frou-frou southwestern cuisine. You still eat it with your fingers, it's still spicy as hell, and still goes great with ice cold beer.

This is the modern cooking style of the borderland, hearty and casual food with a flavor that's anything but subtle. This is Nuevo Tex-Mex!

What is Nuevo Tex-Mex? It's all your favorite Tex-Mex dishes made with all your favorite new ingredients. It's Sirloin Nachos with Habanero Mayo, Mango-Key Lime Margaritas, and Chipotle Swordfish Fajitas. It's modern, unfussy Texas Mexican food that tastes best with an ice-cold beer (and a very large napkin).

Mexican chef David Garrido's innovative but easy-to-follow recipes are served up by Austin food writer Robb Walsh with a generous helping of humor and attitude, and photographed in mouthwatering color by Dallas photographer Manny Rodriguez.

Nuevo Tex-Mex is serious cooking for people who know how to have fun!


Nuevo Tex-Mex
By David Garrido and Robb Walsh
Chronicle Books
Full-color photographs and illustrations throughout
Paperback, $19.95
ISBN 0-8118-1612-5
Information provided by the publisher.


Nuevo Tex-Mex


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