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Whether it's been a hard day at work or at home—just about the last thing Moms need, is to have to start thinking and worrying about what to cook. Whilst there are some 'Super Moms' out there that can produce the most elaborate meals despite also having a demanding job and looking after the kids for much of the day, most Moms just want a solution to being able to provide a good nutritious meal for the family and not be stuck in the kitchen for hours on end.


A Helping Hand for Moms


Unfortunately the internet can't help with actually cooking any meals. However, it can be a great source of information regarding recipes for meals meaning that Moms everywhere can prepare meals like the super Moms who think them up in the first place. Apart from accessing websites that are dedicated to providing cooking recipes, there is also an increasing number of 'blogs' where Moms provide cooking and recipe solutions for other Moms to use. However, if you do look at any of the 'blog' style cooking and recipe solutions for Moms—remember it's just someone else's opinion, not necessarily a great recipe! In that respect it's probably best to stick with websites dedicated to providing a range of solutions for Moms. For example, there are some disastrous recipes and some great recipes for banana bread on the internet. A reputable website will have a range of recipes available which could take anything from 10 minutes to prepare and cook to those taking over an hour. The essential point to remember is that the recipe will provide a whole-some and nutritious meal, without you having to rack your brains for hours on end as to what to buy and how to prepare it. For example, presuming you and your family are meat eaters, just about everyone eats Chicken. Serving a roast chicken each time you cook it can result in it seeming rather bland. So, why not find a recipe online to cook chicken and present it in a different way. Sometimes just presenting a food in a different way can bring complements for your cooking you'd never have dreamed of. Before you know it the family will start to think you've changed in a 'Super Mom'!


Some Tips For 'Quick Cooking'

The time spent preparing foods for cooking can often seem to take as long as the cooking process itself. Crock-pot cooking is great way to prepare a meal if you can't be in the kitchen whilst the meal is cooking. However, preparing the food for it can take an absolute age. A Mom who thinks will, naturally, seek to keep the time she has to spend preparing the meal to a minimum. So, whilst not advocating using any pre-prepared meals from the supermarket, there is absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn't use foods where some of the processing has been done for you. It's great when you see on TV or in the movies a supposed 'real Mom' digging her own potatoes, podding her own peas or filleting a piece of fish. As we know—that's not reality at all. There is nothing wrong with using frozen peas, ready washed lettuce, packets of stir-fry mix already shredded, filleted fish etc; time is far too precious for most of us. Hold on, you might be thinking, you might as well just buy the pre-prepared meal if you're just putting together various pre-packaged foods? Well, the answer to that is simply—just look at the label on 'supermarket' meal and you'll see that a pre-prepared meal will have all sorts of additives to preserve it, fats and sugars etc to give it taste. Whereas, you will still be using the fresh/raw ingredients—which you then cook, it's just that someone else has done the preparation for you. You can even add your own flavors and tweaks to recipes, making them your 'signature meals'. A simple example here could be if a recipe tells you to use one chili pepper; if you and your family like spicy food, all you have to do is—use two instead! One last tip for the moment is to keep your store cupboard and freezer well stocked with some of the basic ingredients. eg. I'd defy anyone to be unable to prepare a quick meal providing they had some dried pasta or rice, some chicken or meat balls, some peas or beans and either fresh or tinned chopped tomatoes.


Modified March 2008

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