Jewish Cooking In America

with Joan Nathan

Jewish Cooking In American with Joan Nathan

Jewish Cooking In America with Joan Nathan, a new 26-part series featuring cookbook author and food columnist Joan Nathan, will premiere on PBS in September 1998 . Jewish Cooking In America with Joan Nathan, a national co-production of Maryland Public Television, Frappe Inc. And Joan Nathan, uses food to explore Jewish culture and history in the United States.

Based on Nathan's award-winning cookbook Jewish Cooking in America (Knopf), Jewish Cooking In America with Joan Nathan highlights the integral role of food in binding family and community throughout the generations. Working with cooks who share their time-honored recipes, Nathan reveals the traditions and customs that make Jewish cooking unique, and their impact on modern Jewish life.

Shot on location, Jewish Cooking In America with Joan Nathan identifies some of the restaurants, delicatessens and kosher kitchens throughout the country where Jewish cuisine assumes various regional flavors and forms. In this culinary travelogue, which includes chefs from California, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Illinois and New York, the rich history and lore of Jewish cooking comes to life. Each dish, ranging from traditional to eclectic, is served with a story—from the cholents (long-cooked, rich meat stews) to the kugels (vegetable and noodle puddings), prepared in advance for the Sabbath, to the potato latkes (served with maple syrup in Vermont and goat cheese in California).

Criss-crossing the country, Nathan works alongside wonderful home cooks as well as celebrities and renowned chefs, including Cokie Roberts, Mandy Patinkin, Julia Child, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Wolf Blitzer, Dr. Ruth, Jack Carter, Anne Rosenzweig, owner of Arcadia Restaurant New York, NY); Jim Cohen, executive chef of the Phoenician Hotel (Scottsdale, AZ); Allen Susser, chef/owner of Chef Allen (Miami, FL); Michael London, owner of Mrs. London's (Saratoga Springs, NY); and Alice Medrich, pastry chef, author and teacher (Berkeley, CA).

Jewish Cooking In America with Joan Nathan links past with present in an interpretation of the American Jewish experience that is both illuminating and fun. Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the rich diversity of Jewish history and culture through this engaging series.


Jewish Cooking In America
with Joan Nathan
26-Part Cooking Series
by Maryland Public Television,
Frappe Inc. And Joan Nathan
Begins September 1998 on PBS
Information provided Maryland Public Television


Jewish Cooking In America



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