Special Feature
Kate Heyhoe

I Ain't No Vampire
('Cause Garlic Tastes Good to Me)
for Black Magic Month

By Kate Heyhoe

Over the years, I've developed a few phobias, like a mild fear of heights and fonsolicitophobia (fear of telephone solicitors), but I'm about as close to having alliumphobia as Carrot Top is to winning a Nobel prize. Alliumphobia is, of course, the fear of allium sativum, commonly known as garlic.

In fact, while some people are born with a sweet tooth, I was instead born with a full set of garlic chompers. Dr. Andrew Weil, medical guru, and other healers recommend eating whole cloves of raw garlic to ward off a cold and boost the immune system. Most folks find such a strong blast of garlic insanely potent, stinging, biting, or distasteful at best. Not me. I can devour raw garlic the same way some Texans proudly gulp down jalape´┐Żos, whole and in one bite, and never even flinch.


Which leads me to vampires. Modern vampires, I've been told, no longer shy away from garlic, unlike their ancestors. If so, this poses quite a problem for all those Anti-Vampi's rubbing their necks with garlic and adorning their doorways with braided garlands of white and purple garlic, hung with all the decorative flare of Martha Stewart or the Queer Guys.

Perhaps, as with allergies that fade over time, vampires have become immune to the power of garlic. Consider, for example, the many ways people once used garlic to thwart off the undead:


So, given the passing of these garlicky apotropaic traditions, I suspect the rumor is true, that modern day vampires no longer loathe garlic. Perhaps, they've even come to embrace their fears, turning negatives into positives, and seasoning their victims with a full forty-cloves of roasted garlic or a hefty dollop of aioli before biting into them. After all, garlic is supposed to be an excellent tonic for the blood, good for the circulation, and helps prevent blood clots. What more could a vampire want?

So for all my garlic loving friends, from vegans to vampires, here's a collection of potent worldwide garlic recipes to spice up Halloween, All Soul's Day, and the Days of the Dead. I hope you enjoy every last bite.


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