Special Feature
Kate Heyhoe

Part IV: Days of the Dead &
the Devil's Last Minute Dips
for Black Magic Month

By Kate Heyhoe

Woo-hoo, witchy woman, see how high she flies.
Woo-hoo, witchy woman, she got the moon in her eyes.

—The Eagles


So the big weekend is finally here. Are you ready to serve up a haunted house of party feasts? If you're just now thinking about Halloween plans, fear not: I've got a few down 'n devilish dip recipes to get witchy women and black magic men movin' and groovin'.

Don't stop the party on Halloween night, either. This week marks the festive Mexican Days of the Dead, on November 1 and 2. A happy celebration of death? You betcha! In this ritual observance, rooted in a bizarre blend of pre-Colombian and Roman Catholic practices, Mexican families make merry with the souls of their dearly departed. The living mingle with the dead at midnight picnics in cemeteries, they leave once-favorite foods as offerings at home-made altars, and welcome back the dead for a day on earth feasting on tamales, spicy moles, and the most special treat of the celebration, Pan de Muerto, or Bread of the Dead. The links below will take you to more about the Days of the Dead and a recipe for Pan de Muerto.

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Part IV: Last Minute Devilish Dips & Mexican Days of the Dead

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