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Fancy Cat Mask

cat mask

by DecoArt

This Halloween be the cat's meow. Create this cat mask and none will know it's you. Using acrylics, rhinestones and a boa this DIY mask can be the hit of the night.


Liquid Beadz
BE05C - Purple
BE30C - Crystal Pearl
BE39C - Kiwi
BE40C - Blazing Orange

Americana Acrylics
DA229 - Jack-O'-Lantern Orange
DA235 - Citron Green
DA236 - Grape Juice
DA239 - Warm White

Palette Knife
DT02 - Palette Knife
#6 shader brush
Large purple rhinestones
Purple feather boa
Wooden Halloween mask by Michael's
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Water container
Paper towels
Palette or plastic plate


1. Paint mask face and handle Grape Juice.
2. Paint cat's ears Jack-O-Lantern Orange.
3. Paint pair of Citron Green almond-shaped eyes and a Citron Green line from inside corner of each eye down teach side of nose.
4. Paint inverted triangle in Citron Green for nose.
5. With Warm White, draw fang on either side of cat's mouth.
6. Stirring Beadz thoroughly first, spread Purple Liquid Beadz with palette knife over entire Grape Juice painted area (except mask handle) and allow to dry.
7. Cover ears with Blazing Orange Beadz.
8. For eyes, spread with Kiwi Beadz. Also spread Kiwi Beadz along Citron Green line running from eyes to nose.
9. Apply Crystal Pearl Beadz over fangs.
10. After mask has completely dried, hot glue large purple rhinestone between each of cat's teeth.
11. Cut length of purple feather boa long enough to line bottom half of mask and hot glue boa's edge to back of mask.

Tip: Allow each Americana Acrylic and Liquid Beadz color to dry as you go. You may want to speed up the drying time with a hairdryer.

excerpt from:
Homemade Halloween: 31 Free Halloween Craft Projects
Prime Publishing LLC 2009

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