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Toasted Nori Bat Wings

By Kate Heyhoe

Bat Wings

If you've ever had sushi wrapped in a black strip or a eaten a Japanese hand-roll in a black wrapper, you've eaten seaweed.

Asian markets sell packages of yaki nori, or roasted seaweed, in paper-thin sheets about 7 x 8 inches. To make them into crispy, crunchy, delicate and delicious bat silhouettes, cut sheets of nori in half. Stacking two halves together, cut out the shape of a bat using scissors. (You can also cut other shapes, such as stars, lizards, frogs, and witch hats.)

Rub the bats on one side lightly with vegetable oil or lightly coat with nonstick spray, then drop them in a hot, dry skillet for just 2 to 3 seconds on each side. The bats will shrivel slightly as soon as they hit the hot pan. If they curl up too much, lower the heat. Remove them to a plate and sprinkle with salt. These tasty little tidbits go well with cocktails, so make lots of them and include them as edible table decorations, scattering them helter-skelter across the buffet table.


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