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Le Bernardin Cookbook:
Four-Star Simplicity

By Maguy Le Coze and Eric Ripert


"Genius rarely has the qualities the two Le Cozes presented us with in New York--beauty, generous warmth, and earthy passion. Le Bernardin has it too, and now this cookbook gives it to us again. This book is full of love for the simple, and because Gilbert Le Coze was not trained in classical food, the recipes are as accessible to all of us as they were to him."

...Jeremiah Tower, Stars restaurant


"To dine at Le Bernardin is an unforgettable experience. To be able to recreate these recipes so easily is an amazing accomplishment. Maguy Le Coze and Eric Ripert have elevated home cooking to a new level."

...Thomas Keller, The French Laundry restaurant, Yountville, Ca.


"With the same recipe for impeccable freshness, uncommon taste, and heartfelt exuberance that has made Le Bernardin our country's seafood standard-bearer since 1986, the Le Bernardin Cookbook is sure to become a well thumbed-through star in every home cook's collection. Best of all, these exciting recipes will make you want to cook fish again: they are straightforward, doable and delicious."

...Danny Meyer,Co-author, The Union Square Cafe Cookbook


"Between the lines you sense the steel, the vulnerability, the charm of Maguy Le Coze and remember the passion and the dedication of her late brother Gilbert. Next best to six months in the kitchen with the brilliant young chef Eric Ripert is Le Bernardin Cookbook."

...Gael Greene, Restaurant Critic, New York Magazine


"France's greatest gifts to America are both matchless expressions of uncomplicated elegance and perfect clarity: The Statue of Liberty in the 19th century and Le Bernardin in the 20th."

...Alan Richman, GQ


About the Authors:
Maguy Le Coze and her brother, Gilbert, opened the first Le Bernardin in Paris in 1972 and won their first Michelin star in 1976. In New York, Le Bernardin opened in 1986 and received its first four-star rating from The New York Times three months later.

Born in Andorra, Eric Ripert worked with two world-famous chefs--Joel Robuchon in Paris and Jean-Louis Palladin in Washington, D.C.--before joining Le Bernardin as Executive Chef in 1991 and taking over the kitchen entirely upon Gilbert's death in 1994. Both authors live in New York City.


Le Bernardin Cookbook:
Four-Star Simplicity

By Maguy Le Coze and Eric Ripert
Hardcover, $35.00
372 pages
ISBN: 0-385-48841-6
Information provided by the publisher.


Le Bernardin Cookbook:
Four-Star Simplicity



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