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Weeknight Grilling with the BBQ Queens
Making Meals Fast and Fabulous

by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig

Weeknight Grilling


Overworked moms, busy dads and weekend warriors rejoice!� No more suffering through the busy week eating greasy fast food and pasta sauce from a jar.

It's time to stop counting down the hours until the weekend arrives and we can fire up the grill and get back to what we all love: delicious outdoor cooking. Those days are behind us, so get ready pull out the chicken skewers and rib-eye steak and grill out...on a Tuesday!

Hot off the grill comes Weeknight Grilling with the BBQ Queens, the new book by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig. Designed to show readers how to "sizzle" Monday through Friday, the book features 100 recipes for delicious grilled meals that can be prepared in 45 minutes or less.

The BBQ Queens' playful yet practical approach shakes up the monotonous routine of cooking dinner and offers loads of options to help busy people feed themselves and their families.

• Dress up simple chicken breasts with a hearty tomato sauce and grilled vegetables for Abruzzi-Style Grilled Chicken with Zucchini and Yellow Summer Squash, then chop up the extra grilled chicken later in the week for Grilled Chicken Pasta with Tomatoes, Fresh Thyme, and Brine-Cured Olives

• Add delicious grilled flavor to your vegetables with Grilled Vegetable Roll-Ups with Feta-Olive-Lemon Filling or Grilled Portobello "Pizzas"

• Exceed expectations with Blackened Beef with Thai Chili Noodles, Mushrooms, and Baby Bok Choy or Wham-Bam Ham with Apricot Jam and Cheesy Horseradish Potatoes

• Experiment with simple, fun techniques like stir-grilling to get the most out of your grill

In addition to delicious and practical recipes, the book is filled with valuable information including suggestions for easy side dishes and accompaniments, time-saving "Tiara Touches" to streamline the prep, and lots of great ideas for turning leftovers into a second meal: "Grill once, Eat twice!"

The user-friendly recipes in Weeknight Grilling with the BBQ Queens harness the power of the grill to make tasty, nutritious meals easily achievable all week long!

About the Authors

Inspired by a disc jockey who scoffed at the idea of women barbecuing, Karen Adler and Judith Fertig, two longtime friends, formed an all-female barbecue team, created their signature look (tiaras and all), and fired up their grills to win the Kansas City Battle of the Sexes Barbecue Contest. Since then they've collectively penned more than 20 cookbooks. Donning their tiaras, they teach cooking school classes across the U.S., have been featured in Gourmet and Food & Wine, appeared in newspapers and on TV nationwide, and have done a grilling segment for the DIY Network. As members of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, Adler and Fertig hold the honorary degrees of Masters in Barbecue (M.B.) and Doctor of Barbecue Philosophy (Ph.B.) from Remus Powers, Ph.B., founder of the Greasehouse University. They live in Kansas City, Kansas.


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Weeknight Grilling with the BBQ Queens
Making Meals Fast and Fabulous

by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig
Harvard Common Press
Photography: Kirsten Shultz
$29.95; Hardcover
ISBN: 1-55832-313-9
$14.95; Trade paperback
ISBN: 1-55832-314-7
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Weeknight Grilling with the BBQ Queens



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