Culinary Mexico
Authentic Recipes and Traditions

by Daniel Hoyer

Culinary Mexico  

There's more to Mexican cuisine than tacos and enchiladas, tequila and tasty margaritas. Culinary Mexico: Authentic Recipes and Traditions by Daniel Hoyer is a journey of discovery through the varied geography, culture, history, and cuisine of Mexico.

Culinary Mexico covers general cooking techniques, ingredients, and cuisines from the Northern Frontier to the Yucatán Peninsula, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the Colonial Plains and Highlands. It explores the wide range of flavors in authentic Mexican food, including the simple and practical cuisine of La Frontera (the states bordering the United States), and the incredible diversity of seafood, abundant tropical fruits, and pork and wild game of La Costa del Oro (the Gold Coast—the Pacific Coast from Sinaloa to Guerrero). Other regions represented include:

• El Istmo, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, including the states of Tabasco, Oaxaca, and Veracruz (Manchamanteles, Huachinango Veracruzano, Chilpachole de Jaiba)

• La Encrucijada, the crossroads, comprising Mexico City and its surrounding states (Mixiote, Frijoles de Olla, Salsa Verde)

• El Centro Colonial, the central plains and highlands with the stately colonial cities of Guadalajara, Zacatecas, San Miguel de Allende, and Morelia (Tamales de Muerto Querétaro, Carnitas, Quesadillas de Maiz con Garbanzo Frescos o Flor de Calabaza)

• La Tierra Maya, including Chiapas, parts of Tabasco, and the Yucatán Peninsula (Queso Relleno, Ensalada de Chiles Xicatiues Rellenos, Recado Negro)

About the Author

Daniel Hoyer's stint as sous chef for Mark Miller's Coyote Café inspired his interest in Mexican and Latin American cooking. He is currently a restaurant consultant, cooking-school instructor at the Santa Fe School of Cooking, and guide of gastronomic adventure tours of Mexico. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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Culinary Mexico
Authentic Recipes and Traditions

by Daniel Hoyer
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
ISBN: 1-58685-375-9
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Culinary Mexico


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