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If you like mixed drinks, 101 Martinis is the recipe book for you. Check out these sample martini recipes: the Mango Tini, and a winter favorite, the Hot Chocolate Martini.

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101 Martinis

by Kim Haasarud

101 Martinis Martinis are all the rage in trendy bars and hip restaurants around the country, and mixologists constantly compete to create distinctive variations and themed concoctions.

Now cocktail lovers can serve up signature martinis at home with 101 Martinis by cocktail aficionado Kim Haasarud, also author of 101 Margaritas. Kim stirs up 101 martini recipes from the traditional (Classic Martini & Dirty Martini) to the offbeat (Lavendertini & Ginseng Sling Martini) in this sleek, full to the brim, tasty little package.

101 Martinis is the perfect book for all your martini needs. Haasarud's innovative techniques and passion for mixology create a selection of effortless recipes that are sure to impress. Lively and colorful photographs by Alexandra Grablewski suggest a multitude of creative presentations.

Within the pages of this easy to use companion there is something for everyone:

101 Martinis has the cocktail to complement every occasion, whether romancing your sweetheart with a Chocolate-Covered Cherry Martini or heating up the night sipping a Caribbean Martini. As Kim, truly a liquid genius, says, "Not only did I bend the rules for making a 'martini,' I bent them back and tied them in a pretty bow." Unwrap your gifts! It's five o'clock somewhere!

About the Author

Kim Haasarud bartended her way through college and in 2002 founded Liquid Architecture, a firm that creates signature drinks and bar concepts. Her clients have included HBO, Fox Searchlight, Comedy Central, Maxim, Pepsico, and dozens of liquor companies and restaurant groups. She also regularly contributes to Visit The Liquid Architecture website at


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101 Martinis
by Kim Haasarud
Photographs by Alexandra Grablewski
128 pages
Hardcover; $15.95
ISBN: 0764599852
Information provided by the publisher.


101 Martinis



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