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Cristina's of Sun Valley

by Cristina Ceccatelli Cook

Cristina's of Sun Valley


Located in a charming, salmon-colored house on a small street in the world-famous ski resort of Sun Valley, Cristina's Restaurant has become a special place where people gather to enjoy the company of friends and to taste the fresh, uncomplicated flavors of Cristina's childhood. For more than eleven years, Cristina and her staff have been cooking and baking for enthusiastic customers that include locals as well as the celebritites, politicians, CEOs, and cosmopolitan travelers who have made Sun Valley their personal retreat.

In Cristina's of Sun Valley she draws upon her memories and experiences of growing up in rural Tuscany where the food was simple, delicious, and dictated by the seasons. Devoted customers will finally be able to prepare such favorites as Hungarian Mushroom Soup, San Francisco Airport Salad, and Artichokes with Tomato & Shallot Topping, or enjoy Bread & Tomatoes, Limoncello, and Baccelli & Pecorino—traditional treats from Cristina's family.

Illustrated with over 145 gorgeous photographs, Cristina's of Sun Valley also offers snapshots of the Sun Valley parties, picnics, and dinners that have built Cristina's reputation for extraordinary style and presentation.

With its emphasis on food that is rich in tradition and always fresh in its approach, Cristina's of Sun Valley will inspire readers to re-create and enjoy the unpretentiously elegant meals that have become the hallmark of this European-style bistro nestled in the mountains of central Idaho.

About the Author

Cristina Ceccatelli Cook grew up in Italy on her family's estate in Tuscany. She is the founder and owner of Cristina's Restaurant, which she opened in 1993, five years after moving to the United States. She lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, with her husband, Steve, a local architect, and their son, Christopher.


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Cristina's of Sun Valley
by Cristina Ceccatelli Cook
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Photography: Kirsten Shultz
160 pages, Hardcover, $45.
ISBN: 1-4236-0048-7
Information provided by the publisher.


Cristina's of Sun Valley



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