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Fabulous Appetizers and Small Plates

by Joyce Goldstein


With growing numbers of restaurants specializing in "small plates," the antipasto is back in style. These little dishes of savory appetizers or small first courses (perfect cocktail food) whet the appetite, enticing the palate for the meal to come—and can even become the meal itself.>

In Antipasti, Joyce Goldstein reveals the history of antipasti and a host of very delicious recipes. What could be better suited to a La Dolce Vita-inspired event replete with sparkling Bellinis than sun-dried tomato-topped crostini, little panzerotti (pastries stuffed with Gruyère and ham), or prosciutto-wrapped shrimp?

For easier fare, a snap to prepare, there is an entire chapter on Shop and Serve antipasti—molto tasty recipes that use high quality store-bought foods such as roasted peppers, olives, soft creamy cheeses, and crusty artisan breads that anyone can throw together for a last minute appetizer or elegant snack.

Whether it's bite-sized pieces of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar to serve before a dinner party or a more substantial first course of roasted duck breast salad, Antipasti welcomes everyone to the table.

About the Authors

Joyce Goldstein is a nationally known chef, author, teacher, and Mediterranean cooking expert. Her numerous books include Italian Slow and Savory, Solo Suppers, Enoteca, and Cucina Ebraica. She lives in San Francisco.

Paolo Nobile is a photographer specializing in food. His work has appeared in Elle, Gourmet, and Grazie magazines.


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Fabulous Appetizers and Small Plates

by Joyce Goldstein
Photographs by Paolo Nobile
Chronicle Books
168 pages; Paperback; $19.95
35 color photographs
ISBN: 0811848728
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