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Oysters with Nobu's Three Salsas


Savor raw oysters served with three spicy, slightly sweet and fiery salsas.


12 fresh oysters in the shell
4 tablespoons Matsuhisa Salsa
4 tablespoons Maui Onion Salsa
4 tablespoons Jalapeño Salsa
finely chopped chives for garnish


1. Remove the oysters from their shells and rinse under cold water. Drain.

2. Arrange the oysters in their shells on a serving dish lined with crushed ice and top with a little of each salsa—i.e. four oysters per salsa.

3. Sprinkle the chives over the Maui Onion Salsa.

This trio of salsas is also a good match with mussels boiled in salted water. In Peru, choros con salsa criolla are mussels sprinkled with ingredients like onion, cilantro (coriander), chili paste and lemon juice.

"A regular Matsuhisa customer once asked me to hide a diamond engagement ring in an oyster as he wanted to surprise his girlfriend, an oyster aficionado.

When she arrived, I poured them some champagne and served Oysters with Nobu's Three Salsas. We watched with bated breath as she ate first one oyster, then another. Finally she gasped when she saw the ring under the third. Falling down on one knee, he lost no time with his proposal. "I love you. Marry me." The young woman burst into tears and the whole restaurant erupted in spontaneous applause. Oysters will always remind me of that moment."


Nobu: The Cookbook
by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
Translated by Laura Holland
Photographs by Fumihiko Watanabe
Hardcover, 200 pages, $37.00
ISBN: 4-7700-2533-5
Recipe reprinted by permission.

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