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Hot Chamomile Cranberry Tea

Makes 4 servings


This unlikely combination is a favorite of many of my clients and friends in recovery, no doubt because of the sweet-and-tart tang of the cranberry juice coupled with the delicacy of the chamomile tea. It is a great after-dinner quaff, as cranberry juice cleanses the palate while chamomile settles the stomach. Make a one-cup serving for yourself (with one teacup of chamomile and 1/4 cup cranberry iuice) or a full teapot to share with family and friends. This after-dinner "'drink" will surely become a habit in your house!

4 chamomile teabags
4 cups boiling water
1 cup cranberry juice cocktail, at room temperature
Sugar to taste

Steep the teabags in the boiling water in a teapot, for 8 minutes. Discard the teabags and add the cranberry juice. Stir and serve immediately in teacups. Add sugar to taste.


Herbal Remeteas

Herbal teas are not only popular because of their fragrant aroma, pleasant taste, and naturally caffeine-free composition, they may provide medicinal benefits as well. For centuries, people have infused leaves, blossoms, seeds, and roots of flowers, fruits, and spices to make soothing beverages that help to heal body, mind, and soul.

Feel a cold coming on? Have a cup of rosehip tea, familiarly known as Red Zinger, for a boost of vitamin C.

Tummy upset from too many chocolate chip cookies? Peppermint tea may calm your digestion.

Need to unwind from a busy day? Chamomile tea will soothe your nerves and rest your mind.

Stamina a bit sluggish? Echinacea tea can help stimulate your immune system.

Whether by the bag or in bulk, herbal teas are a great addition to your beverage repertoire. Beware, however, that many herbal remedies in the form of tinctures, or liquid solutions, can contain a good amount of alcohol. Herbs in capsule form do not, by nature, pose this threat. But, as with all types of medication, be sure to consult your doctor before embarking on any self-prescribed herbal regimen.


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by Liz Scott
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Recipe reprinted by permission.


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