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Ready, Set, Dough!
Incredibly Easy and Delicious Ways
to Use Store-Bought Doughs

by Melanie Barnard

Ready, Set, Dough! 
Most Americans barely have time to get dinner on the table, not to mention bake something. Baking can induce fear in even the most experienced home cook-with its science of exact measurements, meticulously hand-crafted doughs, and carefully timed cooking, many home cooks throw in the towel and grab the nearest box of Entenmann's. But now they don't have to. In Ready, Set, Dough!: Incredibly Easy and Delicious Ways to Use Store-Bought Doughs, author Melanie Barnard provides readers with over 100 ways to utilize the dozens of prepared doughs on the market-creating memorable meals and desserts in no time.

Looking in the refrigerated or frozen food sections of the local supermarket, shoppers are met with a daunting display of desserts, ready-to-heat-and-eat meals-and "pre-made" doughs for everything from breads to cookies to pies to pizzas. And while some may see using store-bought dough as a method of culinary cheating-Barnard views it as a welcome innovation. "Instead of treating these doughs as a finished product," she writes, "I now look at them as the basic homemade product prepared without my usual flour-flying mess and mixer/beater cleanup." Helping home cooks everywhere beat the clock, Ready, Set, Dough! is filled with high-quality, time-saving recipes that will impress even the most experienced pastry chef.

Beginning with the basics of baking-including a tutorial on proper equipment and techniques-Barnard transforms store-bought dough into remarkable pies, tarts, pastries, cobblers and crisps. Some of the delectable desserts include: Night Sky Blueberry Pie, Spiked and Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Anise Fig and Mascarpone Puff Tarts, Puff Pastry Bear Claws, Spiced Baklava, S'more Phyllo Flowers, Plum Hazelnut Crumble, and Pear Pandowdy. Ready, Set, Dough! also concocts cookies, bars, and sweet and savory breads-perfect for that emergency bake-sale item-including Molten Chocolate Clementine Brownie Cakes, Hazelnut Biscotti, Cocoa Pretzel Cookies, Panforte, and Oatmeal PB&J Streusel Bars. Never forgetting that ready-made dough isn't just for dessert, Barnard supplies home cooks with recipes for all kinds of pizzas and other main dishes, including: Ham & Swiss Spiral Bread, Herbed Sausage Calzones, Mustard Beef and Red Wine in Puff Pastry, Peppered Pork Tenderloin en Croûte, and Dilled Salmon in Phyllo.

Much like recent favorites such as Almost from Scratch and The Cake Mix Doctor, Ready, Set, Dough! teaches readers that they don't have to sacrifice taste for convenience. and with many of the recipes more sophisticated than most prepared-dough cookbooks on the market, Ready, Set, Dough! also reinforces that one doesn't have to sacrifice convenience for elegance either. By eliminating the most tedious and difficult part of baking-making the dough, Ready, Set, Dough! allows any reader to become a master baker. "The hard part is already done," Barnard writes, "The measuring and weighing and angst are over. Now I'm free to be. . .a baker without limits. and so can you."

About the Author

Melanie Barnard has written or co-authored more than a dozen books, including the American Medical Association Family Cookbook, which won a James Beard Award; Short & Sweet; and, most recently, A Flash in the Pan. She is also the co-author of the monthly Bon Appétit column "Every-Night Cooking," and appears frequently on local and national television. She lives in Connecticut with her husband.


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Ready, Set, Dough!
Incredibly Easy and Delicious Ways to Use Store-Bought Doughs
by Melanie Barnard
Broadway Books
$17.95, Trade Paperback Original
$26.95 Canada
ISBN: 0-7679-1424-4
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Ready, Set, Dough!



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