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The Golden Door Cooks Light and Easy

by Michel Stroot

Golden Door 
Nominated for an IACP Award Finalist for 2004 in the Health and Special Diet Category

Michel Stroot was the first spa chef ever to be nominated for a James Beard Award. Now, with his second book, The Golden Door Cooks Light and Easy, Stroot's culinary artistry has been honored by the IACP for its appeal to the home cook. As a chef, Stroot has helped to define a bold style of cooking that may be epitomized as "light and luxurious." As an author, he guides his readers in preparing innovative dishes from the freshest ingredients, using timesaving techniques, at home. With this esteemed nomination, the IACP has given recognition to Chef Stroot for presenting his latest masterpieces from the world-renowned Golden Door spa to health-conscious lovers of fine food everywhere.

Inspired by his years of working within short walking distance from a huge organic garden at the spa, Stroot shares his secrets for preparing dishes that celebrate seasonal freshness but are also elegant and simple. The Golden Door Cooks Light and Easy is geared to every sort of home cook, from those who wish to get back to basics, to working parents, to food aficionados. Those faced with physical or dietary challenges will also welcome the easy-to-prepare dishes. The nutritionally sound recipes are no less delicious and pleasing to the eye, and this luxury is fully evident in such dishes as Beet Tartare on Garlic-Herb Baguette and Cabbage and Gingered Wild Rice Hand Rolls. Stroot's panoply of delights, from a stunning Papaya and Orange Salad to a satisfying Polenta Cake with Strawberries, encompass the entire range of courses from appetizers to desserts.

Set against the lush landscape of Southern California, The Golden Door is famous for its dedication to lavish individual service and a top-level fitness program. And, three times a day, after sunrise mountain hikes, water aerobics classes, tai chi instruction, and hour-long massages, guests are treated to the exquisite high-flavor, low-fat cuisine created by Michel Stroot, the spa's executive chef since 1974. With this sequel to his groundbreaking The Golden Door Cookbook, The Golden Door Cooks Light and Easy, the reader can bring the spa experience home with this collection of vibrant, low-fat recipes. A pioneer in the field of healthful cooking, Belgian-born Stroot has married classic French techniques and a European sensibility to America's freshest foods. His contemporary, health-conscious food forever changes the way many of the Door's guests eat. Stroot lives in San Diego, California.


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The Golden Door Cooks Light and Easy
by Michel Stroot
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
ISBN: 1-58685-254-X
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The Golden Door Cooks Light and Easy



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