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Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban
100 Great Cuban Recipes with a Touch of Miami Spice

by Glenn Lindgren, Raúl Musibay and Jorge Castillo

Cook Cuban 
Meet the Three Guys from Miami—Jorge, Raúl and Glenn (yes, Glenn)—three ordinary hombres who love Cuban culture and food so much that they started and continue to maintain the website The Internet Cuban. Millions have visited the tremendously popular website in search of authentic Cuban recipes, cultural information, and all things Cuban. The Three Guys have made several appearances on the Food Network and are frequent sources of Cuban cooking tips and advice for professional and amateur chefs all over the world.

In their first cookbook, the Three Guys take off on a culinary tour of the sensational and bold world of Cuban cuisine. Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban: 100 Great Cuban Recipes with a Touch of Miami Spice invites you to explore the spices of Spain, the tropical tastes of the Caribbean, a strong African influence, and the New World spices that define Cuban cooking.

The recipes in this book represent 20 years of experimentation, refinement, and a lot of trial and error. Many of the recipes were created by the Three Guys; some are long-time favorites from the Musibay and Castillo families, re-interpreted to take advantage of the abundance of food and ingredients in Miami. Discover such Cuban favorites as Cafe Cubano (Cuban Coffee), Empanadas de Cangrejo (Crab Empanadas), Gazpacho de Glenn y Jorge (Glenn and Jorge's Cuban Gazpacho), Paella Cubana (Three Guys Cuban-Style Paella) and Natilla (Cuban Pudding). The authors have included recipes that reflect the ingredients and methods refined by Cuban exiles after they came to the United States, as well as dishes that represent the best of Cuban food as it is found today in Miami. The Three Guys have made these recipes as simple as possible to prepare—and even include a Cuban food glossary for reference. You don't have to be a professional cook to make these extraordinary recipes, and you definitely don't need to be Cuban to cook and enjoy them!

With three lifetimes of enjoying Cuban food and a long process of creating, collecting, and refining these recipes, the Three Guys from Miami have distilled their passion into a collectible cookbook with fascinating photography and the very best Cuban recipes. With hilarious sidebars and insightful anecdotes about Cuba and being Cuban-American, it's more than just a cookbook; it's a comprehensive lesson on Cuban culture and history.

About the Authors

The Three Guys From Miami are all brothers-in-law. Brought together by fate, they became fast friends who share a passion for good food, good conversation, and a great party. Glenn Lindgren first came to Miami in 1984 and fell in love with the city, the people, and Cuban culture. A freelance writer by profession, Glenn documents the antics of the Three Guys From Miami in books and on the Internet. When not in Miami, Glenn lives in Minnesota. Raúl Musibay, born in Cayo la Rosa, near Bauta, in the province of Havana, spent one winter in New Jersey but has been a full-time Miami resident ever since. Jorge Castillo was born and raised in Cayo la Rosa, Havana. He came to the United States via the Mariel Boatlift in 1980. He now lives in Miami's West Dade.


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Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban
100 Great Cuban Recipes with a Touch of Miami Spice
by Glenn Lindgren, Raúl Musibay and Jorge Castillo
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
75 color photographs
ISBN: 1-58685-433-X
Information provided by the publisher.


Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban



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