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Crazy for Chipotle

by Lynn Nusom

The rich smoky chipotle, discovered long ago by ancient Mesoamerican cultures, has been passed down through the generations and is now the latest trend in Southwest kitchens. Made from smoked and dried jalapeños, chipotle chiles present complex, intriguing hints of chocolate and Brazil nuts. Crazy for Chipotle takes those age-old flavors and adds them to modem recipes sure to perk up taste buds all across the country. Chipotle's subtle yet powerful characteristics evoke the fires of ancient kitchens and offer cooks a rare chance to blend the very old with the very new.

Brimming with over 70 tongue-tingling recipes, the book is full of beautiful photographs that are almost aromatic. Beginning with a brief history of chipotle, the book offers tips for buying, storing, and smoking jalapeños. The recipes soar on the heat index and are easily followed by both novice cooks and expert chefs alike. Light the fire! Chipotle is here to stay.

Lynn Nusom comes from a strong family tradition of working in the food industry, so it was natural that he follow in the same footsteps. Throughout his career he owned and operated several restaurants, and he was the executive chef at a four-star hotel. He is currently a successful restaurant consultant. Lynn is the author of ten cookbooks and has written a weekly food column for eighteen years. While traveling to promote his books, he continues to expand his culinary repertoire. Lynn lives in New Mexico.


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Crazy for Chipotle
by Lynn Nusom
Northland Publishing
Paperback, $11.95
104 pp., 20 color photos
ISBN: 0-87358-861-4
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Crazy for Chipotle



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