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Cooking New American
How to Cook the Food You Love to Eat

by Fine Cooking Magazine; edited by Martha Holmberg

Cooking New American  
Though America is a nation of increasingly refined restaurant connoisseurs, a gap still exists between the food of the chefs and the food that's practical to cook at home. Into this void comes Cooking New American, the first cookbook to be launched by the editors of Fine Cooking magazine.

Cooking New American is both simple and sophisticated. Its 200 recipes rely on the fresh herbs and rich flavors that have powered the American culinary revolution, yet all the ingredients are readily attainable at supermarkets. It caters to a cultivated palette, but every dish is easy to prepare.

Cooking New American is a private tutorial in preparing the kind of food that Americans truly love to eat. It offers meat and potatoes—roasted potato salad and sliced steak with rosemary and arugula, that is. And it includes the pastas, polentas, risottos, and grain dishes that are so exciting now.

In the tradition of Fine Cooking magazine, step-by-step color photographs show exactly how to grill brochette or pound chicken breasts in paillards. Recipes are accompanied by timesaving tips—as well as ideas for cooking ahead and serving suggestions. At every turn there are tips that have taken the pros years to learn.

Not just another pretty cookbook, Cooking New American is a bible for both foolproof party fare and fast and flavorful home dinners. There's really no excuse to eat mundane food ever again.

About the Author

Martha Holmberg is publisher of Fine Cooking magazine. Before joining Fine Cooking ten years ago, Martha worked in London and Paris as a cookbook editor. She also was administrative director of La Varenne cooking school, both at The Greenbrier and in France. She received the Grand Diplôme from La Varenne in 1988, after which she worked as a private chef for a diplomat in Paris. Before moving to France, Martha started her cooking career in Denver, Colorado, at the Mocha Cafe in Cherry Creek.


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Cooking New American
How to Cook the Food You Love to Eat

by Fine Cooking Magazine; edited by Martha Holmberg Taunton
ISBN: 1561587281
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Cooking New American



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