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Regional Recipes ftom The Heartland of Italy

by Julia della Croce


"Julia della Croce's Umbria goes right to the heart of the matter when it comes to knowing about the foods, sights, festivals, and even places to stay in one of Italy's most charming and pastoral regions."

          —Mary Ann Esposito, host of PBS television show "Ciao Italia"

"Umbria is one of the undiscovered regional treasures of Italy. Julia della Croce's indepth yet familial style has captured the essence of the Umbrian table. Umbria is a musthave for anyone serious about Italy and its food."

          —Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, restaurateur, book author and TV host


With food like Fried Chicken Marinated in Sage, Rosemary, and Garlic, and some of Italy's most gorgeous countryside, it's little wonder Umbria is becoming such a popular tourist destination. Home to beautiful hill towns such as Deruta, Perugia, and Assisi, plus a culinary history that dates back to the Etruscans (Italy's oldest and perhaps most fascinating civilization), Umbria rejoices in hearty dishes rooted in vegetables, legumes, gains, and farm-raised meats, redolent of herbs and bold sauces.

In her new book, Umbria: Regional Recipes from the Heartland of Italy, acclaimed cookbook author Julia della Croce takes us on a stunning visual and gastronomic tour with recipes for dishes such as Penci with Sausage, Lemon and Nutmeg Sauce and Lorella Puccetti's Lentils with Seafood, which perfectly illustrate Umbria's simple, everyday style of cooking. Lush color photos of the Umbrian countryside, village markets, and—of course—the food, are highlighted by tidbits of history and quotes from the locals. Filled with suggestions for intriguing places to stay, important festivals, cooking classes, and sources for hard-to-find ingredients, this comprehensive volume is more than a cookbook. It's an inviting look at one of the most enchanting regions of Italy.

An invitation to the heartland of Italy, Umbria is a gourmet feast for the eyes and the palate.

About The Author

Julia della Croce is a noted cookbook author, journalist, lecturer, and teacher. She has written for such publications as The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily News, The New York Post, and Food & Wine. Among her numerous cookbooks is The Vegetarian Table—Italy, which was nominated for a James Beard Award. She lives in New York with her two daughters, Gabriella and Celina.

John A. Rizzo is an award-winning photographer who is passionate about food. His home is Portland, Oregon, but his work takes him throughout the world, and he spends his autumns in Italy.


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Regional Recipes ftom The Heartland of Italy
by Julia della Croce
Photographs by John A. Rizzo
Chronicle Books
$19.95 paperback
ISBN: 0-8118-2351-2
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