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More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes
A Three-Stage Plan for Keeping It Off

by Linda Gassenheimer

More Low-Carb Meals 
More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes, A Three-Stage Plan for Keeping it Off (Bay Books) is the sequel to Linda Gassenheimer's best-selling Low-Carb Meals in Minutes which zoomed to #1 at and #2 on the LA Times Cookbook Hot-List with 200,000 copies in print worldwide.

The new book comes at a time of mounting concern among public health experts about the alarming numbers of Americans who are overweight. One recent study revealed that 25% of young Americans are obese. The new book, according to the publisher, presents one of the healthiest eating regimens available for controlling weight.

More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes focuses on healthy, easy-to-prepare, quick recipes and a method for improving eating habits. It marshals the latest thinking by doctors and nutritionists to create a unique three-stage program leading to a long-term balanced eating lifestyle. Many doctors today believe that this eating approach can help prevent diabetes in children and adults, cardiovascular disease, and other medical problems.

"The social isolation often felt during dieting is completely eliminated by the freedom of creating one of Linda's culinary feasts. It is hard to believe they are so healthy," notes Dr. Cheryle Hart, M.D., author of The Insulin Resistance Diet, in her foreword to More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes.

Linda Gassenheimer's formula embodies the Holy Trinity in cooking: speed, health, and delicious food. Hers is not a gimmicky or fad diet. She presents a sensible eating lifestyle that initially limits carbohydrates but includes lean proteins (and fiber) so it is also low in fat, and eventually re-introduces carbohydrates without weight gain. Hence, it is more balanced than other low-carb and low-fat diets.

Linda Gassenheimer is a syndicated food columnist with the Knight-Ridder/Tribune wire service and hosts her own food show on National Public Radio for South Florida.

Gassenheimer has consulted with, and her plan has been endorsed by, cardiologists and endocrinologists. Her books answer the big questions: "how am I going to make this work in my busy life" and "what am I going to eat today." Her credentials include an advanced Le Cordon Bleu degree, guaranteeing that the food tastes great.

"Linda Gassenheimer's approach is exactly on target with my most recent findings that restricting processed carbohydrates as part of a well-balanced meal plan can make a heart-healthy difference. She has applied her magical kitchen skills to these principles and created three stages of quick recipes that are delicious," said Florida cardiologist Arthur Agatston.

Don't Cook Dinner, Assemble It

The three-phase method includes-1) Quick Start, 2) Which Carbs, and 3) Right Carbs. Each of these phases includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with a total of 135 recipes and 45 meals. Other sections include: Super Speed Suppers, meals based on prepared foods that can be bought at the supermarket and assembled into a meal at home in about 10-15 minutes; and Weekend and Entertaining, meals with preparation times of 30-45 minutes, that have ingredients and flavors perfect for special occasions or weekends.


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More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes
A Three-Stage Plan for Keeping It Off
by Linda Gassenheimer
Bay Books
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 1579595235
Information provided by the publisher.


More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes


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