The Foodlover's Atlas of the World

by Martha Rose Schulman

Foodlover's Atlas 
Food contains the history of the world. Without words, it tells a thousand stories of political struggle, of ethnology, religion, geography and migration. Tastes, flavors and textures uncover centuries-old events; local specialties unlock the mysteries of agriculture and climate; foods foreign to a region reveal the effect of expansion and commerce. The Foodlover's Atlas of the World weaves an intricate portrait of the food regions of the world today and how they came to be. Renowned cookbook author Martha Rose Schulman lends her expertise to an intimate look at what makes each cuisine unique, engaging the mind as much as the taste buds.

A journey across many lands, The Foodlover's Atlas of the World gives in-depth details on local customs and lore, typical menus and traditional ingredients for each region. For the cook, the casual food reader, the gastronomic fanatic and the cultural historian, there is no other book on the food of the world that packs such a visual, cultural and culinary punch.

The Foodlover's Atlas of the World features forty-three distinctive regions and subregions that go beyond political boundaries to gastronomic borders; and close to 300 evocative photographs, 90 special recipes, plus sample menus, dish definitions, local food lore and historical detail.

About the Author

Martha Rose Shulman, famous for her Parisian supper clubs, has spent a lifetime catering, teaching and entertaining on a grand scale. Her knowledge of the world's foods and their origins is astounding, as evidenced by her many successful cookbooks, including: Supper Club: Chez Martha Rose; The Vegetarian Feast; Mexican Light: Exciting, Healthy Recipes from the Border and Beyond; Provenšal Light: Traditional Recipes from Provence for Today's Healthy Lifestyle; Mediterranean Light: Delicious Recipes from the World's Healthiest Cuisine; Entertaining Light: Healthy Company Menus with Great Style, among many more. She is a well-recognized and trusted name whose loyal fans will be excited about this latest book.


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The Foodlover's Atlas of the World
by Martha Rose Schulman
Firefly Books
Hardcover, 288 pages
300 full color photographs, 90 recipes
Price: $35
ISBN: 1552975711
Information provided by the publisher.


The Foodlover's Atlas of the World



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