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A Chicken in Every Pot
Global Recipes for the World's Most Popular Bird

by Kate Heyhoe


Recipes by Chapter

Chapter 4
Whole Birds

Barcelona Brown-Bag Chicken and Vegetables, 27
Char Shu Cornish Hens, 29
Citrus-Brined Chicken, Roasted with Near East Rub, 30
Ginger-Poached Chicken and Broth, 33
Lemon-Rubbed Roaster with Six Garlic Heads, 35
Lemongrass Roast Chicken, 36
Southwest Skinny Chicken (Pressure Cooker Recipe), 37
Whole Chinese Red-Cooked Chicken, 39

Chapter 5
Chicken Packages Piece by Piece

Bangladesh Drums, 42
Boneless Breasts for a Crowd, 43
Buckets of Oven-Fried Chicken, 44
Roasted Chicken Breasts for Sandwiches and Salads, 45
Sesame-Seeded Teriyaki Wings, 46

Chapter 6
Chicken Plus 6-Ingredients (or Less!)

Chicken in Saffron Cream Sauce, 50
Crispy Comino Chicken Wings, 50
Fingerling and Rosemary-Smoked Chicken Hash, 53
Miso-Chicken Yakitori, 54
Moo-shu Chicken Wraps, 55
Nutty Pounded Paillards, 56
One-Pot Chicken, Mushrooms, and Saffron Rice, 57
Pollo alla Diavola ("Devil-Style Chicken"), 59
Roasted Thighs with Apples, Normandy-Style, 61
Rosemary-Smoked Chicken Halves, 62
Saffron Poached Chicken, 64
Ukrainian Portobellos and Garlic-Laced Livers, 65

Chapter 7
30-Minute or Less Chicken Meals

Chicken in 5-Minutes' "Thyme," 70
Chicken, Scampi-Style, 70
Herbed Bistro Chicken Breasts, 72
Parmesan-Crusted Chicken, 73
Pollo Rojo (Pressure Cooker Recipe ), 74
Spicy Eggplant and Chicken with Sesame, 74
Summer Chicken and Eggplant Parmigiana, 76
Tipsy Chicken Paillards, 78

Chapter 8
Chicken in a Bowl: Soups, Stocks and Stews

African Chicken and Peanut Stew, 81
Basic Chicken Stock, 83
Belgian Chicken Braised in Beer, 84
Chilled Fire-Roasted Tomatillo and Grilled Chicken Soup, 86
Chunky Chicken, Corn, and Potato Chowder, 88
Cock-A-Leekie, 90
Ginger-Wonton Soup with Spring Onion Oil, 91
Gumbo Ya-Ya, 92
Hungarian Chicken Paprikás, 94
Jewish Matzo Ball Soup, 95
Lemony Garlic Chicken and Broth, 96
Mexican Poached Chicken, 97
Rustic Tortilla Soup, 99
Thai Hot 'n' Sour Chicken Soup ("Tom Yam Kai"), 100
Vietnamese Glass Noodles Soup with Lemongrass Roast Chicken ("Mien Ga"), 102

Chapter 9
Broiled and Grilled Chicken

Basic Grilling: Cooking Chicken on an Outdoor Grill, 105
Method: Indirect Grilling, or Grill-Roasting, 107
Method: Direct Grilling, Covered and Open, 107
Basic Broiling: Cooking Chicken in a Broiler, 108

Aromatic Anise Chicken: Roasted, Grilled, or Spatchcocked, 109
Barbecued Korean Drums, 110
Chicken Churrasco with Chimichurri Sauce, 111
Chicken of the Moors, 112
Moorish Marinade, 113
Cuban Sour Orange Chicken, 114
Filipino Coconut Barbecued Chicken, 116
Grilled Chicken Fajitas, 117
Grilled Chicken in Minty Chutney, 118
Grilled Lemon-Dill Chicken, 120
Ground Chicken Kebabs, 121
Jamaican Jerk Chicken, 122
Juicy Grilled Grapefruit Chicken, 123
La Tunisia Chicken and Grilled Onions, 124
Portuguese Grilled Chicken Oporto, 126
Tandoori Chicken, 127
Texas Barbecue Dry-Rub Chicken, 128

Chapter 10
Savory Stovetop Chicken

Aussie Alfredo with Warrigal Greens, 129
Basic Breaded Chicken Cutlets, or Scallopine, 131
Japanese "Chiken" Katsu, 132
Chicken Piccata, 133
Pollo alla Milanese, 133
Chicken Parmigiana, 134
Caribbean Chicken in Coconut Curry, 134
Chicken Adobo, 135
Chicken and Pork Pad Thai, 136
Chicken Calabrese, 138
Chicken in Wine with Balsamic-Herb Gravy, 139
Chicken Schnitzel with Lemon-Mushroom Sauce, 141
Chicken Vindaloo, 142
Chinese Honey-Lemon Chicken, 144
Coq au Vermouth, 146
Corinthian Chicken and Olives, 148
Creole Mustard Chicken Breasts, 149
Greco-Roman Chicken Rolls, 150
Green Chile Chicken Breasts, 152
Indonesian Chicken with Green Beans, 153
Irish Hen with Bacon and Cabbage, 154
Israeli Couscous with Chicken and Olives, 155
Maille Mustard Chicken and Pasta, 157
Malaysian Coconut-Chicken Curry, 159
Moroccan Chicken in Spiced Tomato Sauce, 161
Pasta with Roasted Garlic, Chicken, and Vodka Sauce, 162
Pollo con Pipian Verde, 163
Porcini and Prosciutto Fricasée, 165
Quick Chicken, Artichokes, and Feta, 167
Quick Vietnamese Chicken with Crisp-Cooked Snow Peas, 168
Quinoa con Pollo, 170
Shredded Pueblo Chicken, 173
Spiced Chicken, Fennel, Raisins and Rice, 174
Sweet 'n' Sour Kumquat-Kiwi Chicken, 176
Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce, 176
Tarragon Chicken and Artichoke Hearts, 177
Three Pepper Chicken Stir-Fry, 179

Chapter 11
Chicken Bakes, Casseroles and Braises

Bangkok Chicken, 182
Greek Pot Pie, 184
Paella de la Casa, 186
Roasted Fesenjan Hens, 187
Roasted Chicken Pieces with Cherry Tomatoes, Goat Cheese, and Basil, 190

Chapter 12
Salads, Sauces and Little Bits

Chicken Liver and Shiitake Powder Pâté, 193
Chicken Liver and Truffle Oil Pâté, 195
Chicken Wontons, 196
Fried Chicken Drummettes with Hot Pomegranate Honey, 197
Golden Chicken Mandu (Korean Dumplings), 199
Mozzarella Chicken "Bruschetta," 202
Rumaki, 204

Chicken "Salad" in Rice Paper Rolls, 205
Chicken Salad Siam, 206
Chicken Salad on Soba, 208
Dilled Cucumber-Chicken Pasta Salad, 209
Napa-Hazelnut Chicken Salad, 210
Ras el Hanouth Chicken on Spinach, Kumquat, and Fig Salad, 211
Sour Cream, Dill, and Cucumber Dressing, 213
Southeast Asian Chicken Salad with Spring Onion Oil, 214
Thai Minced Chicken Salad (Larb), 215
Warm Chicken-Mushroom Medley on Mixed Greens, 216

Concentrated Red Chile Sauce (Pressure Cooker Recipe), 217
Global Gourmet Herb Seasoning, 218
Homemade Garam Masala, 219
Near Eastern "Sesame and Sumac" Rub, 220
Pico de Gallo, 221
Pudine Ki Chutney, 222
Spring Onion Oil, 222
Summer Fresh Tomato Sauce, 223
Toasted Sesame Seeds, 224


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A Chicken in Every Pot
Global Recipes for the World's Most Popular Bird
by Kate Heyhoe
Photos and Styling by Thomas Way & Kate Heyhoe
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A Chicken in Every Pot
Global Recipes for the World's Most Popular Bird



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