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World Food Café
Global Vegetarian Cooking

By Chris & Carolyn Caldicott

World Food Café 
World Food Café opens your kitchen to a world of new tastes.

Chris & Carolyn Caldicott know there is something glorious about globally inspired, beautifully presented vegetarian food. Having traveled the world in search of the best dishes, in World Food Café they invite you on their journey to sample foods from around the globe. With tantalizing recipes and vibrant photography, World Food Café brings the best of international vegetarian cuisine right to your plate.

World Food Café features dishes from the Middle East and Africa; India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; Southeast Asia and China; and the Americas. Each section begins with an introduction to the food of the region—the ingredients, customs, and ways in which dishes are prepared. A generous selection of recipes follows, with suggestions for modifications and advice on how to combine dishes into menus.

World Food Café provides a vivid portrait of the typical tastes and flavors of each featured region, with fascinating variations on familiar food as well as new and innovative dishes. Enjoy Middle Eastern Falafel with Hummus and Tabbouleh or Malian Sweet Potatoes in a Cayenne, Ginger, and Peanut Sauce. Savor the flavors of India with Saag Paneer, or treat yourself to Thai Jungle Curry or Peruvian Potato Cakes with Cucumber Relish. Distinctive and full of flavor, World Food Café emphasizes fresh, healthy, and adventurous cooking.

Additionally, stunning photography and colorful anecdotes place the recipes in context. From rice paddies in China to fruit markets in southern India, Chris Caldicott's images vibrantly depict all aspects of growing, preparing, cooking, and eating food around the world. Stories behind the recipes tell of riverboat meals in Africa and wedding feasts in Laos, providing rare glimpses of culinary traditions.


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World Food Café
Global Global Vegetarian Cooking

by Chris & Carolyn Caldicott
Soma Books, 2001
$28.00, 192 pages
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World Food Café



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