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A Passion For Potatoes

by Paul Gayler


Whether it's hash browns at your favorite local diner, a good ol' heaping of classic mashed, or Dauphinoise at the Ritz, potatoes are one of the world's most versatile vegetables. A Passion For Potatoes, introduces you to the diverse uses of everyone's favorite comfort food. Throughout this glorious full-color book, you'll find the perfect recipes for every meal, from breakfast to dinner, appetizers to desserts. Among the 150 dishes featured are selections for the vegetarian, the weight-conscious, the gourmet, and even those with a sweet tooth.

Scattered throughout A Passion For Potatoes' seven chapters are invaluable tips and features, including a history of the potato, a chart of world varieties, and hint; on buying, storing, and preparing potatoes. This is a cookbook that will surprise and entice, having you reaching for it time and time again. Some mouthwatering recipes include:

Filled with tasty recipes, A Passion For Potatoes is the perfect cookbook for the potato aficionado.


About the Author

Paul Gayler has worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in London and is currently Executive Chef at the Lanesborough Hotel, the UK's highest rated five-star hotel for cuisine. He is a member of the Guilde de Fromagers and has also written the award-winning cookbooks Virtually Vegetarian, A Passion for Cheese, A Passion for Vegetables and Raising the Heat.


A Passion For Potatoes
by Paul Gayler
The Lyons Press 2002
$24.95 hardcover; 176 pages
ISBN: 1-58574-463-8
Information provided by the publisher.

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A Passion For Potatoes



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