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Slow Cooker Cooking

By Lora Brody

Slow Cooker Cooking 
Many of us own slow cookers—Crock-Pots© or similar appliances—and have come to appreciate the enormous amount of time, money, and energy that can be saved by using them. But until now, soups and stews were the only dishes that most people knew how to make in their slow cookers, leaving us yearning for something new, different and more sophisticated, yet just as easy to cook. The solution to this dinnertime dilemma has finally arrived—in Lora Brody's newest book, Slow Cooker Cooking. Your kitchen will never be the same once you see what you can do with your slow cooker!

Imagine this: in the morning you pull out your slow cooker, toss in, not the usual ground meat and potatoes, but duck breast, cipollini onions or baby artichokes, plug it in and walk away. In the evening you come home not to your mother-in-law's chili, but to Braised Duck or Radicchio with Balsamic Vinegar and Raisins, complete with very little clean-up and a new appreciation for this versatile yet often-underused appliance.

Groundbreaking author Lora Brody changed the way people used their bread machines with her book Bread Machine Baking-Perfect Every Time (350,000 copies sold), and she is about to revolutionize the way people use their slow cookers. In Slow Cooker Cooking, Lora encourages us to make the slow cooker part of our everyday kitchen repertoire. She takes sophisticated and delicious dishes that are traditionally prepared on the stovetop or in the oven and adapts them for the slow cooker, saving countless hours and producing equally delectable results. Dishes that traditionally demand hours of preparation—choucroute garnie, duck confit, dulce de leche, even risotto—be prepared with ease and little hands-on time in your slow cooker.

Braising, steaming, infusing, reducing, even baking—in Slow Cooker Cooking, Lora Brody shows you how to do it all in a wide range of mouth-watering recipes:

While one can certainly use slow cookers to make one-dish meals, Lora has also included "pantry recipes" for ingredients that are used in other dishes. Caramelized Onions, Chicken and Vegetable Stocks, Rosemary-Infused Oil, Dulce de Leche, and Golden Tomato Sauce are all recipes that can be made in the slow cooker and then used to create other delectable dishes, both in and out of the slow cooker. Lora also gives details instructions for converting stovetop recipes, for using the slow cooker as an alternative to the microwave, and for preparing satiny smooth soups with an immersion blender right in your slow cooker.

What Barbara Kafka did for the microwave and Lorna Sass did for the pressure cooker, Lora Brody is doing now for the slow cooker. Creativity and convenience come together perfectly in Slow Cooker Cooking. Lora's recipes will open up a whole new world of delicious possibilities!


About the Author

Lora Brody is a national recognized cooking and baking expert whose twenty-two previous cookbooks include Basic Baking, Bread Machine Baking-Perfect Every Time (with mom Millie Apter), The Kitchen Survival Guide, Stuff It! (with son Max Brody), Cooking with Memories, and Growing Up on the Chocolate Diet. Her recipes have also appeared in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Boston Globe, and Los Angeles Times. The mother of three sons, she lives with her husband in West Newton, Massachusetts.


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Slow Cooker Cooking
By Lora Brody
Morrow Cookbooks/An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
William Morrow; February 2001
Hardcover $25.00, 224 pages
ISBN: 0-688-17471-X
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Slow Cooker Cooking



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