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Chicken Stock

Makes 1 gallon/3.75 liters


8 lb/3.6 chicken bones (meaty)
   cut to 3-inch/75mm lengths
6 qt/5.75 L cold water or
   remouillage or as needed
Salt (optional) as needed

8 oz/225 g medium dice onions
4 oz/115 g medium dice carrots
4 oz/115 g medium dice celery
Sachet d'épices, containing
   2 to 3 parsley stems,
   1/2 tsp/2 ml fresh or dried thyme,
   1/2 tsp/2 ml cracked black peppercorns,
   1 bay leaf and 1 garlic clove

1. Rinse the bones under cool running water and place in a stockpot.

2. Add cold water or remouillage to cover the bones by about 2 inches. Add salt to taste if desired.

3. Slowly bring the stock to a simmer. Skim the surface as necessary.

4. Simmer for 3 to 4 hours. Add the mirepoix and sachet and continue to simmer the stock 1 more hour, skimming as necessary and tasting from time to time.

5. Strain the stock through a sieve or a colander lined with rinsed cheesecloth. The stock may be used at this point, or it may be properly cooled, labeled, and stored.


Replace 2 pounds of the chicken bones with turkey necks for an extra rich, gelatinous stock.

Add or replace aromatic ingredients to achieve a particular flavor. For example: Ginger, lemongrass, and fresh or dried chiles, juniper berries for game stocks, strongly flavored herbs, such as tarragon or rosemary, wild mushroom stems.


White Veal Stock made from veal bones that are gently simmered with mirepoix and a sachet, was originally called Ordinary Stock. Simmer for 6 to 8 hours.

White Beef Stock is made by replacing chicken bones with an equal amount of beef bones. Often, chefs like to include a piece of veal shank to add body to the stock. Simmer for 8 to 10 hours.

Stocks for Jus Lié-style Pan Sauces: Brown the bones in a pot. (Chicken is shown here, but other birds and meats can be substituted.) Combine them with just enough stock or water to barely cover and simmer over low heat for 4 to 6 hours (a lesser quantity of liquid is used in relation to the bones than for a regular stock). Brown the mirepoix and tomato paste; add to the stock. Deglaze the pan used to brown the mirepoix with water or wine and add to the stock. Add a bouquet garni or sachet and simmer for 1 hour more.

chicken stock step 1

When making smaller batches of a stock, it is more efficient to brown the bones directly in the pot on top of the stove.

chicken stock step 1

Adding stock to the browned bones produces a very rich stock that is suitable as a sauce base.

chicken stock step 1

The finished stock is strained into a bain-marie. A thickener such as arrowroot can be added as needed when preparing pan sauces.


The Professional Chef, Seventh Edition
By The Culinary Institute of America
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., October 2001
Hardcover, $65.00
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Recipe reprinted by permission.


The Professional Chef, Seventh Edition



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