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Joy of Cooking:
All About Soups & Stews

By Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker & Ethan Becker

Joy of Cooking: All About Soups & Stews 
Chapters cover stocks and clear soups, vegetable soups, legume soups, chowders, meat and poultry soups fruit soups and more


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Joy of Cooking
All About Soups & Stews

By Irma S. Rombauer,
Marion Rombauer Becker & Ethan Becker
Simon & Schuster, Inc., October 2000
Hardback, 128 pages, $19.95
150 photographs; 100 in full color
ISBN: 0-7432-0210-4
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Joy of Cooking:
All About Soups & Stews



The book that taught America to cook now illustrated with glorious color photography.

Introducing the Joy of Cooking All About series, a collection of irresistibly beautiful subject-specific cookbooks that uphold the values of all the previous editions of Joy, America's best teaching cookbook ever. And, since Joy is so much more than a collection of recipes—it's a culinary history, an encyclopedia of ingredients, a manual of techniques, a reliable compendium of cooking rules—the All About series is more than just a collection of recipe books.

And, more than ever the time is ripe to bring a new look to Joy. The extraordinary launch of the 1997 edition little more than two years ago—a #1 New York Times bestseller with more than 1.6 million copies in print... added to the 14 million copies of previous editions already sold—has reaffirmed the astonishing affection generated by 60 years of publishing Joy of Cooking.

The first four titles in this remarkable series include:

Created by what is certainly the finest cookbook production team in the world today—Weldon Owen Inc., the creators of both the Beautiful Cookbook series and the 10 million copy selling Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library—the All About series features a design that marries form and function without slighting either, combined with extraordinary photography specially commissioned for the collection.

Intended both for the millions of American households that already own a copy (or two) of Joy, as well as for the many millions more who have shown their appetite for glorious food photography, the Joy of Cooking All About series is a spectacular achievement, worthy of wearing its name—Joy has never been more beautiful.


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