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The Great Potato Book

by Florence Fabricant


Rescued from infamy by Sir Walter Raleigh in the 16th century, the potato has long since become the world's ultimate comfort food. Equally at home stirred into a sumptuous curry in India; boiled, riced, and shaped into delicate gnocchi in Italy; grated and fried into latkes in the Middle East; or cut into wedges and served with sausages as "bangers and mash" in a British pub—the potato is endlessly versatile and always satisfying.


"The most wonderful thing about the potato is its eminent adaptability."—Charlie Trotter, from his Foreword

In The Great Potato Book, New York Times food critic Florence Fabricant puts the potato on a pedestal, for all to marvel at and-more importantly-to eat! Fascinating essays place the potato in a historical and gastronomic context, while over 50 recipes feature the noblest of tubers in both classic and innovative preparations. Illustrations of over 30 different potato varieties—from the workhorse Russet to the exotic Peruvian purple potato—help readers identify the countless varieties on the market. Look for these delicious offerings, from appetizers to entrees, side dishes to desserts:

Filled with useful information and tasty recipes, The Great Potato Book is the perfect primer for the potato aficionado.


About the Author

Florence Fabricant is a food columnist for the New York Times who reports on trends in the food and restaurant scene. She is also the author of four cookbooks, including Elizabeth Berry's Great Bean Book. She divides her time between New York City and eastern Long Island.

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The Great Potato Book
by Florence Fabricant
Foreword by Charlie Trotter
Ten Speed Press 2001
$15.95 paper; 160 pages
ISBN: 1-58008-185-1
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The Great Potato Book



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