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Vegetables Every Day
The Definitive Guide to
Buying and Cooking Today's Produce

By Jack Bishop

Vegetables Every Day 
Walk past the vegetables of almost any supermarket, farmers' market or gourmet grocery and you face a staggering array of produce that goes far beyond lettuce, tomato and broccoli. In fact, unlike chicken, which tastes pretty much the same all year long, vegetables give us a unique opportunity to rejoice in the flavors of the season.

Choose from artichokes to zucchini and everything in between, including kale and kohlrabi, taro and tomatillos, bok choy and burdock, and so much more. But what can you do with all of these astonishing choices?

Fortunately, acclaimed cookbook author and food writer Jack Bishop gives us the answers. In Vegetables Every Day, Jack offers a comprehensive, A-Z produce guide, complete with tips on buying, preparing and cooking close to seventy commonly available vegetables.

With hundreds of recipes to choose from in Vegetables Every Day, and Bishop's expert advice guiding you every step of the way, you'll learn how to coax the very best flavor from every vegetable, whether it's a carrot, cauliflower, or cardoon.

Those freshly "misted" vegetables look great in the store. But, as Jack warns, if you don't dry them before storing them, they'll rot right in your refrigerator. and bigger is not always better. Asparagus thicker than your pinkie will be tough and stringy and should be peeled before using.

Vegetables Every Day answers questions such as "When is the best time to buy the sweetest green beans?" Bishop suggests buying them at the height of the summer, and selecting beans that are crisp and thin (older, thicker beans will be mealy and bland). Or "How should I cook the spring's first sorrel?" Bishop answers that one with simple and flavorful dishes such as Sorrel and Potato Soup and Sorrel Frittata.

These recipes—like the other 347 in the book—are clear, uncomplicated, and utterly delicious. So with Vegetables Every Day, even the novice can cook like a pro.

For a salad or side dish, a vibrant vegetable main course, or simply a great mashed potato, it's bound to be in the pages of Jack Bishop's Vegetables Every Day.

With over 400 kinds of vegetables available during the course of a year, it's easier than ever to eat healthy. and there's no better way to discover how great vegetables can taste every day than with Jack Bishop's Vegetables Every Day.


About the Author

Jack Bishop is a well-known cookbook author and food writer who writes frequently about vegetables for the New York Times, Cook's Illustrated, and Natural Health magazine. His cookbooks include Pasta e Verdura, the Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook, and Lasagna. Jack, his wife, who is cookbook author Lauren Chattman, and their two daughters live in Sag Harbor, NY.


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Vegetables Every Day
By Jack Bishop
HarperCollins Publishers, April 2001
Hardback, $30.00
ISBN: 0-06-019221-6
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Vegetables Every Day



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