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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
An American Roadhouse

By John Stage and Nancy Radke

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que 
Where does everyone from bikers to business people go to eat the best crispy coated, well-spiced barbecued ribs with meat that slides off the bone? Throw in some Cuban-style seasonings, a dose of Memphis, a touch of Texas and a hint of Cajun, all set off with some Harley choppers and the blues turned up LOUD! and you're at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, the ultimate American roadhouse.

With this first-ever barbecue restaurant cookbook, it's only a matter of time till everyone's slopping the Dinosaur's Sensuous Slathering Sauce on their next meal. It's the down-to-earth, real-life vibe of this genuine honky tonk rib joint that makes the grub taste so good and the recipes fun to make. "Dump the cornmeal into a mixing bowl" is the way to start some tasty Colombian fried corn cakes stuffed with cheese. "Schlepp a big, heavy frying pan over to the stove" to get Lamb Shanks Braised in Rosemary Red Wine BBQ Sauce going. Or try:

Cajun Corn..."damn simple and packed with flavor"
Drunken Spicy Shameless Shrimp with Brazen Cocktail Sauce... "there's nothin' polite about 'em"
Sweet Potato-Crusted Mahi-Mahi... "we think this is one fine fancy-pants dish"
Not Your Mama's Meatloaf... well, the name says it all.

And don't forget Dinosaur classics like Home-Style Pulled Bar-B-Que Pork, BBQ Chicken, and Dinosaur-Style Ribs, which have been nationally acclaimed in the New York Times and Chile Pepper magazine.

Full-color photography of the bathroom graffiti, tattoo art, and prized Harleys brings you up close and personal with some of the Dinosaur's most colorful characters. The decor is a funky mix of old movie posters, paintings of blues masters, road signs, bike parts, toy dinosaurs, and even Elvis lurking in the corner.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is flat out loaded with something for everyone. with a list of favorite background music for chillin' while you're grillin', and hints on giving your own barbecue grill a name (Nancy's backyard grills are Bella and Hugo), it's like you're one of the crowd. So come check out the place and polish off your plate. with Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, you're in for a lip-smacking good time.


About the Authors

In 1983, John Stage and his partner Dino sawed a 55-gallon drum in half and hit the road, slinging BBQ at biker swap meets, fairs, and festivals. In 1988, John opened the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, New York, and over the years, the restaurant has earned acclaim as a world-class barbecue blues joint, well-loved by bikers, musicians, and even Bill Clinton.

Nancy Radke learned how to cook under the watchful eyes of several grandmothers in the apartment building where she lived in Rome, Italy. She now lives, writes, and-thanks to John-smokes a mean pork butt in New York.


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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
An American Roadhouse

By John Stage and Nancy Radke
Ten Speed Press, 2001
Hardback, $24.95
192 pages, full-color photographs throughout
ISBN: 1-58008-265-3
Information provided by the publisher.


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que



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