The Definitive Guide

By Susie Boeckmann
and Natalie Rebeiz-Nielsen

Caviar—food of the gods, and relished by lesser mortals too. For centuries the salted roe of the sturgeon has been highly prized—the ancient Phoenicians used caviar to sustain them in times of war and famine; Pliny and Ovid wrote abut it; and the Russian Tsars and the Emperors of Manchuria reserved for themselves the delicate golden caviar.

Today caviar is widely available in a bewildering range of quality, color and flavor. In Caviar, Susie Boeckmann and Natalie Rebeiz-Nielsen reveal how to distinguish between the different varieties, how to serve it for optimum flavor and enjoyment, which drinks to offer alongside it; and even how caviar is considered a beauty treatment and aphrodisiac—not for nothing is it call "Aphrodite's eggs".

Illustrated with fascinating archive material and sumptuous photography, the book offers a complete range of enticing caviar recipes from a simple boiled egg or jacket potato with caviar to exotic canapès, pasta, fish and sushi combinations and that Russian essential, blini with sour cream and caviar.

The art of eating and enjoying caviar has never been made easier.


About the Authors

An established authority on caviar, Susie Boeckmann has worked in the industry for more than a decade, although her passion for and fascination with caviar started in late 1960s when living in Madrid. Here she used to buy a kilo for next to nothing to share with her flatmates. Several years later, honeymooning in Iran, she ate caviar every day. Susie divides her time between London and France with her husband and two children.

Natalie Rebeiz-Nielsen was born in Denmark and lives in London. As an acknowledged caviar expert and Director of the internationally renowned Caviar House, Natalie has been responsible for setting up and extensive range of gourmet shops and seafood bars, including the flagship Caviar House restaurant and shop in Piccadilly, London. Natalie has also contributed her specialist knowledge on caviar in many newspaper and magazine articles.


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The Definitive Guide

By Susie Boeckmann
and Natalie Rebeiz-Nielsen
John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2000
Hardback, $ 40.00
ISBN: 0-470-39299-1
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