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Chocolate on the Brain
Foolproof Recipes for Unrepentant Chocoholics

By the Mother-Son Team
Kevin Mills & Nancy Mills

Chocolate on the Brain 
"The quirky mother-and-son team of the Help! My Apartment has a Kitchen Cookbook is back with... satisfying treats for the end of the meal... cheery and appealing."—Publishers Weekly

"This book is for those poor souls enslaved by chocolate who are rendered powerless by chocolate as if it were Kryptonite."—Kevin Mills, co-author of Chocolate on the Brain

The Aztec chief Montezuma II drank 50 cups of it each day. Some believe it's a good substitute for love. In the introduction to their new cookbook, Kevin Mills, part of the irrepressible mother-son team that demystified home entertaining in their previous two books, claims "I don't trust people who say they don't like chocolate. To me, it's like saying you don't care much for oxygen, or you're tired of living above ground."

For anyone who has ever spooned Nutella out of the jar or guzzled Bosco straight from the bottle, Chocolate on the Brain: Foolproof Recipes for Unrepentant Chocoholics provides just the quick fix they need. Packed with more than one hundred recipes to satisy even the most urgent craving, this eclectic collection not only provides true chocolate lovers with recipes for a wide array of decadent treats, but also ensures they get their fix. Many of the recipes in this appealing book can be produced in less than half an hour, which is the longest any self-respecting chocoholic should have to wait before indulging his or her habit!

Sharing the irreverent sense of humor and unconventional yet invaluable cooking tips that have earned them a large and loyal following, the mother-son team of Kevin and Nancy Mills have created a wealth of easy-to-prepare brownies, cookies, pies, puddings, mousses, sauces, and beverages guaranteed to satisfy even the most profound chocolate lust. Understanding all too well that chocolate cravings can hit any time, any place, the Mills offer recipes for all occasions and times of day, including treats to start off a chocoholic's day right, such as Chocolate Chip Mini-Bagels, Chocolate-Filled Baby Brioches, and Chocolate Waffles.

From such classics as Chocolate Profiteroles ("ice cream sandwiches for people who took French in high school") and Real Chocolate Pudding to innovative newcomers to the chocolate lover's lexicon like Lava Cookies and Chocolate Pizza ("one pizza whose crust won't get left in the box"), Chocolate on the Brain recipes are the result of the authors' lifelong obsession with chocolate. As co-author Nancy Mills says, "[This] was the cookbook we were born to write. It's hard to remember now why we waited until our third book to focus on the one food we couldn't do without."

"Mom Tips" and "Mom Warnings" appear as sidebars throughout the book. Eminently practical, they offer reassuring, down-to-earth advice and shortcuts that will be especially appreciated by less experienced cooks. Interspersed throughout the book is a humorous "Chocolate Timeline" tracing weird-but-true events in chocolate history. A handy index in the beginning of the book organizes the recipes by preparation time.

Whether you're a college student preparing dessert for a dinner party, or just an average, run-of-the-mill chocoholic looking to expand your repertoire beyond Snickers Bars, Chocolate on the Brain is essential reading. As Kevin Mills says, "We're not telling you to break your store-bought truffle habit or stop drinking chocolate syrup form the bottle. All we're saying is there are dozens of ways to get that chocolate fix, many of which even the most avid chocoholic hasn't thought of."

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Chocolate on the Brain
Foolproof Recipes for Unrepentant Chocoholics

By Kevin Mills and Nancy Mills
Illustrations by Greg Clarke
Houghton Mifflin, October 2000
Paperback, 304 pages, $17.00
ISBN: 0-395-98358-4
Information provided by the publisher.


Chocolate on the Brain



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