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The Artful Chicken
Great Recipes & Splendid Objects
for the Passionate Collector

By Linda Arnaud

The Artful Chicken 
"Poultry is for the cook what canvas is to the painter. It is served to us boiled, roasted, fried, hot, or cold, whole or in pieces, with or without sauce, boned, skinned, stuffed and always with equal success." So said Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, nineteenth-century French gastronome.

His words could not be more true today: Chicken is as popular a food as it is an inspiration for visual art—and both the food and the art are equally diverse in preparation or presentation.

This unique and captivating cookbook combines food and fancy in 85 favorite chicken recipes illustrated by hundreds of chicken collectibles. Recipes are grouped by method of preparation: Roast & Bake, Grill & Broil; Sauté & Fry; and Stew, Braise & Poach. And, although she makes no claim toward answering the question of which came first, Arnaud has also included a chapter devoted to the cooking of eggs.

Arnaud is not content to put a chicken in every pot: The pages of the book are bursting with chickens, be they on table linen or wall paper, serving as salt and pepper shakers, soup tureens, statuary, or desk accessories, made of porcelain or pottery, brass, jade, or even papier-mâché. Antique and contemporary, fine art and folk art, there are chickens of every style, size, and shape. In addition to descriptions of the origins and purpose of an astonishing array of chicken collectibles, Arnaud provides lively retellings of chicken legend and lore.

Arnaud brings a fresh voice and sophisticated palate to this, her first cookbook. She has infused each page with her pleasure in serving good food to good friends—and her passion for all things poultry. Here is a book that is sure to become a favorite, whether one is a collector of folk art, kitchenware, cookbooks, or just a lover of good food.


About the Author

Linda Arnaud's twenty-five years as a marketing analyst for the fashion industry enabled her to sample the fare at many of the world's finest tables. Free time devoted to cookery classes led to a reputation for outstanding home-cooked meals among family and friends. When her husband bought a London pub, Arnaud expanded her audience to its clientele, supervising the kitchen's output as well as preparing the food at many catered events. She is now a consultant to a food product development company.


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The Artful Chicken
By Linda Arnaud
Stewart Tabori & Chang, 2000
Hardback, $ 29.95
Color photographs throughout
ISBN: 1-58479-022-9
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The Artful Chicken



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