Apple Cookbook

By Olwen Woodier

Apple Cookbook 
The Apple Cookbook is a celebration of America's number one fruit. with varieties like Honey Crisp, Puritan, Fuji, Twenty-One, Rhode Island Greening, Newtown Pippin and Jerseymac appearing at supermarkets, orchards, and farm stands all over the country, what's a cook to do? The Apple Cookbook offers bushels of good recipes, and a bounty of apple ideas just in time for the Fall harvest.

The over 150 recipes include ideas for breakfast: Apple Corn Hotcakes, Sausage and Apple Omelets, Apple Raisin Turnovers. Starters: Prosciutto Apple Wedges and Apple Cheese Spread. Soups: Black Bean and Mulligatawny. Salads: Curried Chicken Salad, Apple Slaw, Potato Apple Salad. Side Dishes: Maple Sweet Potato Casserole and Sausage and Apple Stuffing. Entrees: Lamb Stew, Cod and Apple Curry, Beef and Apple Deep Dish Pie. Quick Breads: Cornmeal Apple Cheese Muffins and Barbara Mullin's Apple Coffee Can Bread. And, of course, desserts, including 11 variations of apple pie.

In addition, there are beverages, preserves, and chutneys, plus sections on how to buy and store apples; apple varieties (including heirlooms) and their best uses; apple, wine, and cheese combinations; apple lore and advice for apples that are just best eaten out-of-hand. It's the perfect way to enjoy the fall harvest and any other time of year.


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Apple Cookbook
By Olwen Woodier
Workman Publishing Co., 2001
Paperback, $ 9.95
ISBN: 1-58017-389-6
Information provided by the publisher.


Apple Cookbook



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