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Sticks & Skewers

By Elsa Petersen-Schepelern

Sticks & Skewers  
For barbecues and parties, lunches and snacks, food on skewers is everyone's favorite. Simple to prepare, quick and easy to cook, these 30 recipes use wooden or bamboo sticks or metal skewers. Cook them on stovetop grill pans, griddles, and outdoor grills, under a broiler, or even in the oven. Wonderful for the busy cook or host, they can be prepared ahead and left to marinate-the flavors will simply get better.

Try vegetable-based skewers like Grilled Sugar Glazed Cherry Tomatoes, Italian Potatoes on Rosemary Sticks, and Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, and Sweet Pepper Kabobs.

For seafood fans—Tandoori Barbecued Fish, Chili Shrimp Brochettes, and Scallop and Bacon Kabobs.

For meat and poultry lovers—Beef Fajitas with Chili Sprinkle, Souvlaki Lamb, and Chicken on Lemongrass Sticks.

Delights for your sweet tooth? Try Toffee Apples, Frozen Fruit Pops, and Pineapple Sticks with Sugar-Lime Sauce.

The recipes are inspired by ideas from around the world: brochettes from France, spiedini from Italy, barbecue outdoor grills from America, satays from Southeast Asia, tandooris from India, kabobs from the Middle East. It's an international culinary journey on the point of a stick!


About the Author

Elsa Petersen-Schepelern is a Danish-Australian food and wine writer and editor. She began her working life as a publicist for movie stars, best selling novelists, sportsmen, and comedians, as well as top chefs, before taking up the pen and the pans on her own account. Based in London, Elsa now spends much of her time sampling food and wine around the world, drawing on an eclectic mix of cuisines—the inspiration for her delicious recipes.

William Lingwood is one of Britain's best-known names in food photography. But he didn't start that way. As an oil-worker in the Middle East, he learned to cook from the books of Elizabeth David and Jane Grigson, and was inspired by the photography of Robert Freson and Tessa Treagar. In 1990, he hung up his desert boots and picked up a camera, and his work now appears in magazines, books, and advertising campaigns.

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Sticks & Skewers
By Elsa Petersen-Schepelern
Time Life Books
Hardback, $15.95
Color photos throughout
ISBN: 0-7370-2034-2
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Sticks & Skewers



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