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A Collection of
Sarah McLachlin's Favourite Recipes

By Sarah McLachlin
with Chef Jaime Laurita

"Besides music, good food has always been one of my passions. This cookbook came about for many reasons but the biggest reason is now I won't have to bug Jaime constantly for his recipes! Included are same of my favorites and even some handed down to me by my mom. Most are quite simple to prepare but we threw in a few more difficult ones for the folks who like the challenge. Bon appetit!"—Sarah McLachlan

Worldwide tours, glitzy costumes hordes of screaming fans—the life of a rock star seems glamorous, but imagine living on a cramped tour bus for months on end, hopping from greasy spoon to greasy spoon. When singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan brought Chef Jaime Laurita on board to cook for her band and crew, she discovered a world of sumptuous, healthy food, and a welcome reminder of home amidst her otherwise hectic performance schedule. In Plenty, Sarah and Jaime share favorite dishes from their moveable feast of appetizers, entrees, and desserts—some simple, some complex, but all thoroughly satisfying.

Plenty features a wide range of eclectic recipes with a notably international flair, including:

Plenty is loaded with beautiful color photographs and candid behind-the-scenes pictures of Sarah at home and on tour. It's an eclectic mixture of Chef Laurita's gourmet creations and Sarah's own recipes, some of which have been in her family for years.

Jaime Laurita Jaime's superb cooking and engaging personality offer a comforting element to life on the road, where food can sometimes be, as Sarah says, "dull and greasy." Sarah, a great cook in her own right, wanted to collaborate on Plenty with Jaime because his "tour cooking is on par with some of the best restaurants I've eaten in, and he always manages to make the food taste and look fantastic, even in the middle of nowhere."

About the Authors

Sarah McLachlan is one of the most popular and respected musicians in the world today. In 1997 she established the renowned Lilith Fair tour, a summer festival showcasing the amazing diversity of women in music.

Chef Jaime Laurita has cooked everywhere from family restaurants to top-notch professional kitchens and has catered for musicians from the Rolling Stones to Placido Domingo. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has trained in both Italy and France. He lives in Chicago.

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A Collection of
Sarah McLachlin's Favourite Recipes

By Sarah McLachin with Chef Jaime Laurita
Ten Speed Press, Winter 2000
Paperback, $24.95
134 pages full color
ISBN: 1-894160-01-0
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