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What's Your CIQ?
(Chocolate Intelligence Quotient)
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1. Chocolate has long been considered an Aphrodisiac...What chemical does chocolate contain that is also released by the brain during lovemaking?

a) Serotonin
b) Theobromine
c) Phenylethylamine
d) Polyphenol
e) Tyramine

2. The cacao bean first appeared

a) In The Garden of Eden
b) 10—15 million years ago
c) During the Middle Ages
d) During the New Age
e) During the Renaissance

3. The first to discover the riches inside the cacao bean was probably

a) Columbus
b) Monkeys
c) Birds
d) The Aztec Indians
e) Marco Polo

4. What civilization established the first known cacao plantations?

a) The Aztecs
b) The Mayans
c) The French
d) The Spanish
e) The American Colonists

5. What culture flavored their chocolate with Chili Peppers?

a) The Aztecs
b) The Mexicans
c) The Spanish
d) The Mayans
e) The Haitians

6. Who discovered hot chocolate?

a) Queen Isabella
b) The Mayans
c) The Aztecs
d) Montezuma
e) Cortez

7. The Spanish court entrusted the secret of chocolate making to what group who managed to keep the recipe secret for nearly a century?

a) The Castilians
b) Nuns
c) Monks
d) The Jews
e) Pirates

8. "Death by Chocolate" refers to

a) A rich dessert
b) The murder of a Mexican Bishop who was killed with poisoned chocolate
c) The murder of Pope Clement XIV who was killed with poisoned chocolate
d) The murder of Mme. D'Aulony's lover who was killed with poisoned chocolate for spurning his lover*
e) All of the above

9. Chocolate's reputation as an aphrodisiac can be traced to

a) The writings of the Marquis de Sade
b) Casanova, who used chocolate as a means of seduction
c) Madame de Pompadour from the court of Louis XV, who ate chocolate to stimulate her desire for the king
d) Madame du Barry, a reputed nymphomaniac who encouraged her lovers to drink chocolate to keep up with her
e) All of the above

10. Chocolate led to

a) The discovery of Viagra
b) The Spanish Inquisition
c) The sinking of the Armada
d) Religious controversies of the 17th Century
e) Political uprisings in France and Spain

*When Mme. D'Aulnoy's poison began to take effect, and the man realized he was doomed, it is said that he took the time to advise Madame that next time she might add more sugar to eliminate the bitterness of the poison. With that gallant gesture, he died.


1. c 6. b
2. c 7. c
3. b 8. e
4. b 9. e
5. a 10. d

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By Tish Boyle and Tim Moriarty
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., November 1999
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