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Cooking & Dining Outdoors

By Cindy Burda

Cooking & Dining Outdoors  
With the help of Cooking & Dining Outdoors, you'll soon discover hundreds of quick and inexpensive ways to enjoy your personal plot of outdoor space, no matter how large or small. Where would you like to start? By barbecuing the perfect rack of ribs? Planting a culinary herb garden? Introducing your friends to a rousing game of badminton or bocce? Treating your family to a sumptuous meal—prepared and enjoyed outdoors? This book will walk you through every step.

Browse through this book, and you'll find:

Instructions for grilling and barbecuing like a pro-and descriptions of the equipment you'll need to do it.

Practical tips on everything from buying outdoor furniture to setting up a backyard buffet.

Stunning garden plans and planting tips for growing must-have herbs, the perfect vegetables for roasting, the makings of crisp summer salads, and more.

Complete menus and mouth-watering recipes for classic backyard meals.

Practical pointers and a wealth of inspiration for throwing fabulous outdoor parties.

Step-by-step instructions and illustrations for building useful projects, including a portable utensil rack for all your grilling and barbecuing tools.

Dozens of ideas for enjoying your backyard, from simple stargazing and outdoor games to candle-lit soirees.

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Cooking & Dining Outdoors
By Cindy Burda
Time Life Books
Paperback, $16.95
Color photographs throughout
ISBN: 0-7370-2038-5
Information provided by the publisher.


Cooking & Dining Outdoors



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