Food By Holly Davis

Macrobiotics has never been so sumptuous or glamorous.

A pioneer of the whole foods movement in Australia, chef Holly Davis brings an unprecedented sophistication and flavor to healthful cooking. Her "real food" cuisine is an inspiring blend of traditional Asian and European flavors that emerged from over a dozen years of upscale vegan cooking.

Describing a balanced whole foods cuisine, Nourish includes more than one hundred quick-and-easy recipes, beautifully illustrated with full color photography.


Recipes include everything from Bread and Soups to One-Pot Meals and Sweet Things:

    Cold Somen Noodles with Lemon Dipping Sauce
    Rice Chapatis with Toasted Walnuts
    Coconut-Spiced Tofu Broth
    Blanched Fava Bean and Golden Zucchini Salad
    Garbanzo, Sweet Corn and Cilantro Casserole
    Asparagus and Tofu-Cheese Tart
    Soft-Boiled Quail Eggs with Sugar-Cured Salmon
    Fresh Rice Noodles with Cilantro, Scallops, and Lime Pickle
    Flourless Orange and Almond Cake

In addition, Davis gives instructions and recipes for preparing Soy and Seitan. Not exclusively vegan, animal products are used in chapters on Eggs, Seafood and Fowl. Nourish has an introductory essay on the philosophy of "real foods" cooking and a glossary on some of the more uncommon ingredients.

Nourish weaves together the colors, tastes, and textures of carefully chosen ingredients to create food that benefits the body and uplifts the soul.


About the Author

Chef Holly Davis was born in Britain and moved to Australia in 1982 via Japan, where she studied macrobiotic cooking. Davis was introduced to the macrobiotic philosophy at the age of fourteen and it has been a major influence on her cooking style, which she calls the "real food" style. In 1984 Davis opened Manna, her first restaurant, in Rozelle, Sydney. In 1985 she opened Iku Wholefood, a restaurant founded on the belief that the care put in at the beginning of the meal is reflected absolutely in the customers' satisfaction at the end. Davis sold her share of Iku to her business partner in 1997 to teach, cater, and consult on "real food." She lives at Whale Beach on Sydney's northern beaches with her daughter, India.

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Food By Holly Davis
Ten Speed Press, April 2000
Paper with flaps, $19.95
192 pages, index and glossary
Full color illustrations
ISBN: 1-58008-181-9
Information provided by the publisher.





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