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The Kimchee Cookbook
Fiery Flavors and Cultural
History of Korea's National Dish

By Kim Man-Jo, Lee Kyou-Tae, and Lee O-Young

The Kimchee Cookbook  
From ancient times to the present day, the fiery flavors of kimchee have dominated the Korean cultural landscape. The Kimchee Cookbook traces the development of the various types of kimchee, its references in Korean literature past and present, and places it in its historical context. Rooted in the theory of Yin and Yang and expressing the very essence of Korean cosmology, kimchee preparation follows a basic code of five colors and flavors which symbolize universal directions, actions, and seasonal changes.

The Kimchee Cookbook includes 90 seasonal recipes accompanied by 110 stunning color photographs and places kimchee in its historical, cultural, and scientific context. From basic green cabbage kimchee to stuffed crab kimchee, readers are sure to enjoy this in-depth look at Korea's national dish!


About the Authors

Kim Man-Jo is a United States food industry consultant. Lee Kyou-Tae is a journalist, and Lee O-Young is the author of Things Korean (Tuttle, 1999)

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The Kimchee Cookbook
By Kim Man-Jo, Lee Kyou-Tae, and Lee O-Young
Periplus Editions/Tuttle Publishing, November 1999
Hardcover, $29.95
128 pages
ISBN: 962-593-506-1
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The Kimchee Cookbook



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