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Italian Family Cooking:
Unlocking a Treasury of Recipes and Stories

By Father Joseph Orsini
Foreword by Regis Philbin

Italian Family Cooking  
"This is a great book. Father Orsini blends his ideas of old and new world Italian cuisine into a collection of delicious recipes and interesting stories that are simple enough to follow even for the most inexperienced home cook."
... Bobby Flay, Author of Boy Meets Grill

Widely known and respected Catholic priest Father Joseph Orsini loves family and great Italian food. Nothing could be more important to him then telling humorous and adoring family stories while educating cooks in the art of creating a zesty Italian meal. In Italian Family Cooking: Unlocking a Treasury of Recipes and Stories, he shares with readers his knowledge of food and love of family with delicious recipes and delightful anecdotes. All proceeds from the sale of his cookbook will be donated to The Word of God Fellowship, a Catholic charity organization.

Italian Family Cooking presents classic and nouveau Italian recipes accompanied by wonderful family stories. Father Orsini, also the author of Father Orsini's Italian Kitchen, introduces readers to meals with true Italian gusto beginning with a zesty antipasti, Portobello Mushrooms in Garlic and Wine Sauce. This family recipe treasure comes from his sister-in-law's heart straight into readers' kitchens. Father Orsini captures the essence of comfort food Italian style with a Milan-style Minestrone Soup and a home-style Baked Macaroni made with a Pomodori Salsa and just enough mozzarella cheese to make you feel warm and cozy. To further tingle the pallete, Pasta con Gamberi e Granchio (fresh tomato, shrimp, and crab pasta) comes from a former student whom he taught 35-years ago. Fresh garlic, basil and oregano convince you that you could eat this dish several times a week and not become bored.

Italian Family Cooking not only shares with both new and experienced cooks the secrets to fine Italian salads, side dishes and main courses, it also enlightens cooks to the secrets of deliciously simple desserts. A fabulous Fragole al Marsala (Strawberries with Sweet Marsala Wine) and Insalata di Arnacie e Banane (Orange and Banana Salad) will awaken the sweet tooth in anyone.

Father Orsini Father Orsini has once again written a fresh and practical cookbook that will help feed the spirit as well as the body. In Italian Family Cooking the chapters are arranged to coincide with the courses of an Italian formal dinner. Additionally, for today's hurried and harried lives, Father Orsini has included quick and delicious recipes such as Pasta con Sugo di Carne (pasta with meat sauce) and a Linquine con Vongole (clam sauce and linguine). Each recipe takes less than one half hour and tastes like it came fresh from a family restaurant in Rome.

Father Orsini lives up to his reputation as "Father of the Kitchen." Italian Family Cooking will delight all cooks with its witty commentary and robust recipes.


About the Author

Father Joseph Orsini is a semi-retired Catholic priest from Bayonne, New Jersey. He is also the author of Father Orsini's Italian Kitchen. All proceeds from the sale of his cookbook will be donated to the Catholic charity organization The Word of God Fellowship.

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Italian Family Cooking:
Unlocking a Treasury of Recipes and Stories

By Father Joseph
Foreword by Regis Philbin
St. Martin's Press/Thomas Dunne Books
Hardback, $27.50
208 pages, April 2000
ISBN 0-312-24225-5
Information provided by the publisher.


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